Top Ten University of Louisville Football Games: #2 2006 Vs WVU (Blackout)

It’s Saturday and the first full day of College Football this season! On today’s edition of my favorite Top Ten University of Louisville Football Games we have a battle! Normally I didn’t put these in any order, but the top 3 are in order and it was a game for the ages; #3 WVU vs #5 Louisville.

It was a Blackout game like the one we have coming up Monday, but without the gaudy ranking. It was the first top 5 match up in Louisville Football history. It wasn’t the last. We did very well in that situation at home

It was our normal enemies too! Pat White, Steve Slaton, Darius Renaud, Owen Schmitt, and….Pat McAfee? The Pat McAfee? Sure was. It’s the one rivalry game in football that I miss as much as Cincy.

If you look at the box score and didn’t know the score you would think WVU won. More first downs  more total yardage, and 300 yards rushing! What could get in the way of victory? The Cardinal buzz saw, that’s what…and only recovering 3 of 6 total fumbles.

There were no worries for Cards fans going into this one. 15-0 at home in their previous 15 games averaging 50.9 ppg, 526.3 total yards, 228.1 yards rushing, and a 34/6 TD to Int clip. The team was ready. So were the fans. An atmosphere like no other. The stadium was so amped the lights went out for a few! But we were the underdog.

This was just the third game back for Brohm who had been on the shelf the past two games after being injured in the big Miami game. The Cards did struggle in those two games but won them. That’s all that really matters. If the Cards won this game they were launched into the National Championship hunt.

What I remember after the game is I remember that Pat White put up stupid numbers. 222 through the air and 125 yards rushing and 4 TD on the ground. A precursor to what we would see a decade later with Lamar Jackson. WVU’s turnovers did them in.

Let’s not give them all of the credit/blame. The Cards came to play amassing 468 total yards and cashing in on 2 big early third quarter mistakes. Malik Jackson returned a Slaton fumble 15 yards for a TD. Then on the next possession WVU goes 3 and out due to a monster stand.  Magic then happens…Trent Guy receives the kick and goes 40 yards to the house to put the Cards up for good! This was the sequence that decided the game.

This was a very special game for our program and a night we will never forget. Coming up tomorrow is my #1 favorite UofL game of all time. Enjoy the full game below and relive the magic!

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