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Lou vs EKU 9-7-19-6

When the Season started I felt the WKU game was going to be the game that told us how much improved this years version of Louisville football would be from lat seasons 2-10 debacle. After barely beating Western at home last year with them mainly playing freshman and sophomores, I felt if the Cards were in another dogfight with them then is it was going to be a long season. If the Cards took care of business fairly easy, then I felt the Cards had improved and had the potential of a much better season than expected.

To me, it WAS the most important game on the schedule. It seemed to me that game was the difference between a two win season and potentially a five or six win season.

The Cards beat Western 38-21 in Nashville – without their starting quarterback. The final score was closer than I hoped but the game was never in doubt.

With five games remaining, the Cards sit at 4-3 looking at the hardest games on the schedule in the rearview mirror. The next game, this Saturday, against Virginia is the biggest game of the season.

Why, you ask?

It’s not just because it is the next game on the schedule. It’s because if victorious, the Cards could be sitting on something very special. This game could have major implications on future success of the program.

Virginia, although a home game, is defensively the hardest game left on the schedule. Virginia ranks 8th in total defense as of Oct 20th, per the NCAA. They rank 12th in passing defense and 14th in rushing defense. ESPN power index only gives Louisville a 37.7% chance to win the game. Of the remaining five games, that is only the third lowest percentage.

Opponent Win Percentage
@Miami 31.1%
@N.C. State 51.5%
Syracuse 64.5%
@Kentucky 34.1%

Here is the link for Everything you need to know about Louisville vs Virginia.

If Louisville could pull off the victory over Virginia, it could be the springboard of confidence and momentum that propels them to winning three of the final four games.

And if that were to happen, Louisville would have eight wins and would be headed to a decent bowl game which would lead to a major uptick in recruiting. It could potentially speed up the rebuilding process at least a year if not more.

With all the potential positives that could come with a victory over Virginia, there also is the possibility a home loss could send the team into a downward spiral, bringing back memories from last season that might still be lingering in the back of their minds. Because I believe that this will be a very close game, a close heartbreaking loss would be the first of the season and put this young team to the test emotionally. So far, we have seen nothing that leads us to believe they can’t rebound quickly but with two straight road games after the Virginia game, the task could be the hardest of the season. Thus making this the biggest or most important game of the season.

However, if Louisville were to lose this game, I still feel like beating Syracuse is almost a certainty. In my opinion, a five win season is still a successful season given just how bad the last season went. And if the ESPN power index percentages hold to form, Louisville will end the season with six wins – And I’m perfectly fine with that.

As Always, GO CARDS!


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