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Welcome to this week’s edition of Quick Hit5er5! Today, we recap Clemson, talk recruiting, awards, rankings, the CSZ podcast, & much more! Without further adieu, here is this week’s…..Quick Hit5er5!

The Cards lost a tough one 45-10. The Cards were in this one up until the half. No need to dwell on this one. The Cards played tough, owned Trevor’s mind again, had some tough bounces, and showed what they could do. Javian broke a steak of 27 games that a Clemson opponent did not rush for 100 yards. We will talk more about Javian later. I won’t spend much time on this. Cards showed what they could be capable of. Check out Jk’s breakdown below:

JK’s Clemson Breakdown

Let’s move on to the Cards next and toughest opponent left on the schedule,  Virginia.

The Cards next game is Saturday vs the formerly ranked Cavaliers from Virginia. Here are the 5 things we have do to win that game.

1) Run or Pass?:

To win the game the Cards have to be successful on the ground. Run, run, run. What Virginia does best is stop the run. What we do best is run. We can run better than they can stop it though. If we can hold onto the ball and minimize the need to pass leading to slippery drops, this one will be in hand. On a dry day, this one would read pass, pass, pass because of the injuries to the defensive backfield for Virginia. It could still come down to this if the rain holds off.

2) Special Teams:

Both teams have spectacular returners. Virginia has Joe Reed and the Cards have Hasaan Hall. Both average over 38 yards per return and are the only two in the ACC with kickoff return TDs. This game could end up a returner’s dream game.

3) Win the Trenches:

This one I’m not worried about much. Our O-line has been our MVP of the season (Thx BOB) and our D-Line has been better than I expected with defection, graduations, and other instances.  The Virginia D-Line is really good, but I think our O-line is better.  This is the one that I’m most sure about.

4) Win the turnover battle:

This will be more important because of the elements that will be in play. See next point. Also, the Cards have been playing well on defense; turning their opponents over more frequently. The Cards turned Clemson over two times in the red zone and that gave the D confidence.

5) Overcome Mother Nature:

The Cards have not played a game in inclement conditions yet this season. That will change Saturday. Rain will be pouring and the Cards are already turnover prone. This could end up keeping this game closer for the Cards than they want it.

Prediction: Cards by 6

JK-EYNTK: Virginia

Nunnsense: The Virginia Game Is The Biggest Game Of The Season

Javian Hawkins has been a huge surprise out of the blue for the Cards; not because we didn’t think he could do it, but because after last year he was behind Trey, Dae, and Hassan. We knew he had the talent, but would he get the opportunity? That started to shake out by the beginning of the season when Dae and Trey left the program. This was the opportunity he needed. The RS Freshman has made the most of his opportunities as he is on pace to have the best season ever by a freshman Running Back. He truly is the Lighting in this Thunder and Lightning backfield with Hassan Hall. Javian currently sits at 751 yards rushing. Where does that stand historically?

Javian has to average 59.3 over the last 5 to set a new freshman rushing record over Victor Anderson.

Javian needs to average 131 to out-rush Louisville’s last 1000 yard rusher Bilal Powell.

Both decrease with a Louisville bowl game:

49.4 to beat Victor
109 to beat Bilal

Freshman All-American Watch List

While we were recording the podcast Lil Fitz made that move. Literally 10 minutes after we all predicted where he would end up, he picked the Cards. The Cards add a play maker that has the same build as former Brewer coached WR, Randy Moss. Now I’m not saying that he will be the next Randy, but if you look at the list of WRs coached by Brewer, it could happen. I am extremely happy that the Fitzs get to play together on the same field and excited for their father Greg, a long time friend of CSZ. He will be on this week’s CSZ podcast that we are recording this weekend. Check that out…

Christian Fitzpatrick: Breakdown

Photo Courtesy of @DAndreDavis14 Twitter Account

Also committing this past week, but in a different sport, was D’Andre Davis. The 4 Star SF picked the Cards over Xavier, Purdue, and Nebraska. Not a hugely impressive offer sheet, but that’s never mattered here in Louisville. He fits Coach Mack’s system perfectly and we have been known to get 2 stars on campus and that have made themselves into 5 stars. What up Russ? Check out Shawn’s breakdown below.

D’Andre Davis: Breakdown

Jordan Nwora was named a pre-season All-American! You can read about that here.

Steven Enoch was named to the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar list for the nation’s best Center. You can read about that here.

Here are some other Basketball posts from this week you can catch up on:

Chris Mack Show Details

Mini-Plan Tickets Released

Cards Pre-Season Ranking

Good to see the Cards back where they belong in the top 5. Speaking of teams that will no doubt be at that ranking at some point this season and their amazing skipper….

It was announced this week that Dan McDonnell will be the Head Coach at UofL until he is ready to retire. At least that is the plan. On Friday, the ULAA Board rewarded Coach McDonnell with a new 7-year contract that is described by UofL as being a “rolling agreement” designed to keep him at Louisville until he retires. The current captain has been at the helm since 06 and just 353 days after he took the job, the Cards were playing in Omaha. Amazing! The two-time National Coach of the Year (07,17) has led the Cards to 12 Regionals, 8 Supers, and 5 College World Series berths. The Cards have had the best record in college baseball since 2007. Just crazy! Glad that Vince put the ring on him and locked him down for life. The Cardinal 9 have the pieces this year to go all the way. Time to cash in our chips…

CSZ podcast

Join Jeremy and co-hosts Shawn Barbour, Sam Basden, Joey Wahman, and Higgles for a discussion about this weeks hottest topics! The streak of the jinx lives on! This time in a positive manner as the Cards get a commit during the broadcast that the guys discussed a few minutes prior. We talk Clemson loss, recruiting for basketball and football, and my good friend Samaki Walker comes on to talk about the secret scrimmage and more! You will have to listen to find out when he will return to CSZ in the future! Tune in to hear what the guys jinx next! Tune in now!

I swear every week I say this week will be quick, but it never is. Time to wrap this up.


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Thanks again for taking the time out to read my thoughts; no matter how outlandish they are. Until next time, Go Cards! Beat Virginia!

P. S. Here’s a video I think you may enjoy…

The Fitzpatricks agreed… Lol

Also, some great family responses after the commitment

Until next week….

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