Nunnsense | Exit Interview Series Part 1 – GG Robinson

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Many of you have read my past interviews. I’ve interviewed guys when they were recruits. I’ve also interviewed guys that transferred out for “exit  interviews.”

Well, I’ve decided to try something a little different. I’m interviewing guys that have played their last game as a Card. Not because they don’t want to be here but because they used up all their eligibility. I think it will be interesting to hear some of their thoughts about their time here at UofL while they are not too far removed from the program as well as finding out more about their future plans.

There will be a series of interviews from at least five different players and we will release a new interview every Thursday morning. I really think you guys are going to like this series. Be sure to let me know what you think.

First up in the series is GG Robinson.

GG was rated as a 3-star prospect by most major recruiting services coming out of high school as a defensive lineman and tight end.  He came to Louisville in 2015 and was redshirted. He chose Louisville over Florida, Auburn and many others. GG’s dad played in the NFL from 1986 – 1994. GG appeared in 9 games in 2016 and made this first collegiate start against Clemson in 2017. He was the anchor on the D-line this season helping his team go 8-5 including a victory over Miss St. in the Music City Bowl. GG is predicted, by at least one site, to be drafted in the 7th round by the Washington Redskins. He is also ranked as the 16th best defensive tackle (out of 43) in the NFL draft by

Music City Bowl-59


Here is our interview…

CSZ –  You’ve been through what seems like 25 defensive coordinators in your time here at Louisville. At any point did you think that maybe you should have gone to Florida or Auburn?

GG Of course having 4 d coordinators in 5 years isn’t easy but I embraced the challenge. I’m a smart guy so it was never really to hard to pick up on the new defenses. Plays are the same, just different terminology. I loved every one of my d coordinators. Never once did I think about going to a different school because of the coaching situation. I’m more than happy I came to Louisville. I didn’t expect it to be perfect. I wouldn’t change anything about my 5 years here.

CSZ –  Last season I heard many parents and players describe the atmosphere after a loss. How depressing was it in the locker room after losing games in the 2-10 season?

GGMan… 2-10 is no joke. Going 2-10 had to be the most depressing thing in my 5 years. I’m a winner. And I’m a competitor. I hate losing so much and to feel helpless like regardless of what I did we were going to lose was an awful feeling. The locker room would be dead after the losses but also the week leading up to the games sometimes it would be dead. It was just a bad experience but it made it that much sweeter when we turned it around and went 8-5. That’s something everyone is proud to hang their hat on.

CSZ – You were on campus for 5 years and you never shared 1 meal with Bobby Petrino or members of his staff?

GG One thing I’ll never do is talk down on a man who did nothing but give me a chance to play at this amazing university and get my degree for free. Coach P is good with me forever.

CSZ –  Coming out of high school you were ranked as the No. 56 tight end in the country by Scout. com. Do you ever wish you tried to play TE at Louisville?

GG – I love Tight End. My favorite position. I’m also realistic. Trust me, I still got it but I don’t run a 4.5 and that’s what TE’s these days are running. So it was in my best interest to play defense. I do wish Coach Satt threw me in there on the goal line though… lol.

CSZ –  Your goal is to play in the NFL like your father. Are you still training to be ready if you get to go to the combine?

GG Yes I’m actually up in New Jersey right now. Training at TEST Football Academy preparing for pro day. Been here since Jan 3rd till Pro Day.

CSZ – So I assume you will you be participating in a Pro Day at UofL?

GGYes. I’ll be at Pro Day.

CSZ –  Who, on defense, is a guy that you think will have a breakout year next season?

GGBreakout player on defense next year….. Gotta go with Trenell Troutman. I don’t care what they gotta do. Find a way to get him on the field for a full season and y’all will be shocked.

CSZ – What do you see in Troutman that makes him special? Or what should the fans be looking for in him?

GGHe’s just special. Watch.

CSZ – The best wings you had in Louisville are from…

GGBest wings? –  Wing Station!

CSZ –  When your football career is over, would you make Louisville your home?

GG I love Louisville!! I definitely wouldn’t completely count it out as a place to live in my future but as of now I don’t see myself living there.

CSZ –  What was your favorite or most memorable moment on the field?

GGSo many memorable moments playing here in my career. I truly don’t know if I can pin point one moment. My sack vs Alabama was huge. 2019 UVA game was amazing to me…. Great feeling. 2017 Lamar to Jaylen game winner at UVA was epic. 2017 Lamar vs FSU – Epic! Whole 2019 season – most fun I ever had playing this game. So this whole season was memorable.

CSZ –  If you could play one more year for one of your previous college coaches, who would it be?

GGCoach Grantham, without a doubt.

CSZ – Why?

GGThat’s my guy!

CSZ –  In your opinion, how lucky are the Louisville fans to have Scott Satterfield to lead the football program into the future?

GGMan, Louisville fans are extremely lucky to have Coach Satterfield leading this program. Great coach and a great person. He is going to get everything and more out of the guys week in and week out. Louisville is on the rise and will be a top program for a long time. Sky is the limit with this staff. Literally.

CSZ – What was the ref telling you in this pic from the Music City Bowl?

Music City Bowl-26

GGI was telling him the MSU guy was twisting Dorian’s ankle and he was telling me he didn’t see it. And I asked him if he was blind.

CSZ –  Thank you for staying loyal to UofL and we appreciate you. Would you like to leave one last message to all of Card Nation?

GGI’m just forever thankful for Card Nation and all the love they showed me over the years. The best fans! I’ll never forget about you all and will always rep Louisville where ever I go.



As Always, GO CARDS!


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