Louisville Rapper B Simm Releases New Video For Hit Song “You Don’t Want These Cards” (Video)

Louisville rapper B Simm is known for his song, “You Don’t Want These Cards.” Now, he has released a new video for his song and I must say it is quite spectacular.

There are a number of cameos from former Cards spanning a couple of generations. The most prominent cameo is by former UofL Hall of Fame coach and legend Denny Crum. Quite a few former players in both football and basketball are featured including former basketball player Tony Williams and former football players Lorenzo Mauldin & Mario Urrutia!

Fans are also featured prominently including the Gary the Red Bird and the Collision Course Crew tailgate. Former Cardinal Marching Band member Patrick Henry Hughes opens the video doing what he does best, playing the trumpet.

If you’re a Card fan, this is a must see music video. Check it out below and make sure to give it a like on YouTube.

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