Nunnsense | Exit Interview Series Part 5 – Boosie Whitlow

Louisville vs Virginia- Boosie Whitlow

In April of 2017, Boosie Whitlow announced he was transferring from the University South Carolina to the University of Louisville. If you remember correctly, Boosie was a huge addition to the defense because the Cards signed exactly 0 defensive linemen in the 2017 recruiting class.

Boosie sat out the 2017 year due to transfer rules but was eligible for the 2018 season. He appeared in 7 games for the Cards in 2018 and made his first UofL start versus Western Kentucky in the 3rd game of the 2019 season. He finished his college career with 38 tackles, 11.5  tackles for a loss and 3 sacks ( 

Boosie and I discussed a lot of things, from being a father to eating wings with teammates.

Here is our interview…

CSZ –  You committed to South Carolina in June of 2014 and played your last college game in Dec of 2019. That’s 5 1/2 years of college football. How much do you wish you had 5 more years of college football and how much will you miss the game?

BWI spent 4.5 years playing something that I dedicated my life too, but unfortunately I had experience real life situations that caused me not to be continuing my journey. I miss the game every second, but to know that I sacrificed my old life into something that I never thought, I could say that I accomplished things that I never expected myself to accomplish.

CSZ –  When Bobby Petrino was fired what were you thinking? Did you have flashbacks to when Muschamp came to South Carolina thinking “here we go again?”

BWWhenever coach Petrino parted ways, I was in shock because he recruited me throughout my high school, and college career. I never compared my situations here at UofL to my situations at South Carolina. I appreciated Will Muschamp for teaching me that life wasn’t fair and you had to work to get whatever you want, also to be humble.

CSZ – The reports can’t really be true about nobody knowing where Petrino’s office was. C’mon man, you knew where it was. Right?

BWWith rumors about coach Petrino’s office… I knew a little of something of where it was but not exactly. My ties that I learned with Muschamp is everything is a business therefore, nothing against any of them but I came to college to better my living situations and beat the number of odds by graduating with a degree.

CSZ –  You and Mekhi led the team onto the field every game this season. How did it come about that you two were the ones to lead the team?

BWDuring the season, I was fortunate enough to guide my team onto the field. It wasn’t something that me or Mekhi decided. It was respect from the team that we had, in which they wanted us up front every game. In which I am very thankful for the opportunities that they gave as well.

Lou vs EKU 9-7-19-5

CSZ –  In your opinion, how lucky are the Louisville fans to have Scott Satterfield to lead the football program into the future?

BWI think that Cardnation has one of the best players-team coach that I ever experienced. He’s a guy that I can’t elaborate too much on but I am very thankful for all the opportunities he and his staff guided me through and all the sacrifices they had to make for me to become a person on their team.

CSZ –  Who, on defense, is a guy that you think will have a breakout year next season?

BWI think that Nick Okeke, Dorian Etheridge, Trenell Troutman, Robert Hicks,  Yasir Abdullah, Chandler Jones, CJ Avery, Anthony Johnson, Rodjay Burns, Tabarius Peterson and Therm Geathers.

CSZ – So you are saying the D is loaded and going to ball out next year?

BWI definitely think… thats what I am aiming for.

CSZ –  What was your favorite moment, on or off the field during your time at UofL?

BWMy favorite on and off the field time was with my teammates. Now that football is over with for me, I think my teammates played an incredible family roll in my life while my presence was there.

CSZ –  If you had one last meal with your teammates around campus, where ya eating?

BWMy last meal with my team would be Daddy Riches wings… we stayed going there after practices.

CSZ – You plan on making Louisville your home or going back to Alabama?

BWMy future is to be determined by God’s will and his plan. I love both places Louisville and Alabama.

CSZ –  If you get a job with your name on the door, are you putting Boosie, your government name or simply Mr. Whitlow?

BWFor professional reasons, I would recommend myself to sign my government name not alias.

CSZ –  With a sack and 2 tackles for loss in the Bowl game, was that the way you wanted to go out?

BWWith my final stats as a Cardinal, I wasn’t really focused on them. I was wanting to win and leave a legacy for my future teammates.

CSZ –  If you were talking to a recruit, what would be the biggest selling point about choosing Louisville?

BWI say to all recruits and parents, have a strong support system and just go where your heart guides you.

CSZ –  What do you want to do with the rest of your life?

BWFor the remainder of my life…  I am in a process of becoming a good father to my kids, and be financially stable to support my brother and mom.

CSZ –  Thank you for your time and all your hard work during your time at Louisville. We appreciate you and your enthusiasm. Would you like to leave one last message to all of Cardnation?

BWFor the whole Cardnation, I want to say thank you all for welcoming me into a perfect city with loving and caring people. Hopefully one day I could come back and everyone will remember me as the respectful and supportive teammate that have ever came through.

Louisville vs Syracuse-66

As Always, GO CARDS!


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