Nunnsense | Exit Interview Series Part 7 – Mekhi Becton

Louisville vs Virginia-16

I don’t need to tell you what Mekhi has done during his 3 years at Louisville. But, in short, he basically dominated anyone who lined up against him. It was so fun to look at the fear in opponents eyes just before the snap and then to see them on the ground moments later.

Mekhi is the next Cardinal to be drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft. He will forever be a Cardinal and this fanbase will follow him for many years to come.

Louisville was lucky to have him and I know you all appreciate him as much as I do.

Here is our interview…

Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions for all of Cardnation to enjoy… And thank you for all your hard work on and off the field during your time here at UofL. We appreciate you.

CSZ – You had 31 scholarship offers and reports say it came down to Louisville, Virginia, Michigan and Virginia Tech. Louisville is totally different now than when you committed so what was it about Louisville that made you commit to UofL over those other schools?

MB I chose Louisville because it felt like home. The city felt like Richmond … it felt right.

CSZ – Other players and their family members have told me stories of how somber the locker room was after losses during the 2-10 season. What was it like from your perspective?

MB It wasn’t good at all  –  we were not happy at all as a team.

CSZ – Dwayne Ledford… I just say the name and you smile. I know how lucky we are to have that guy but can you tell me what he means to you?

MBThat’s my guy man, he always makes sure you are good mentally – more than just the football aspect.

CSZ – I’m a big fan of Adonis Boone. I think he filled in for you very well. How good is he going to be the next couple of years? You teach him anything?

MBBoone is gonna be great.  He is a hard worker that make sure he learns what he is doing… he is very coachable. Yea, I taught him a few things.

CSZ – You had the name Crystal written on the tape that wrapped your wrist. Would you like to tell Card fans the meaning behind that?

MBCrystal is my grandma’s name that passed way from breast cancer.

Louisville vs Virginia- Becton

CSZ – How lucky are Card fans to have coach Satterfield leading this program into the future?

MB Very Lucky!

CSZ – You know we gonna talk about your 40 time at the combine. 5.10… That’s pretty solid for a 364 pound dude. Did you run that fast, or faster, in training prior to the combine or was that your fastest time ever?

MBI didn’t know my exact time I was going to get. I just felt like I was gonna run that fast. Whenever anybody would ask what my time would be, I would always tell them “nothing higher than a 5.2.”

CSZ – You didn’t even look winded. Were you exhausted and just holding it in for the camera… or did it not really phase you?

MB –  Nah, I wasn’t tired at all! 

CSZ – Did you enjoy all the Twitter reactions to your 40 time? You have a favorite reaction tweet?

MB Yea, the reactions were hilarious… and my favorite was definitely Angel McCoughtry’s.

CSZ – Bionca… You’ve made it no secret of your relationship and you have people following it on social media. Care to tell the story of how you met and how it all started?

MBIt just started in the summer. We were talking on social media then we just been doing great since then.

CSZ – If you had one last meal with your teammates around campus, where ya eating? Who you bringing with you?

MB Ruth’s Chris… Ronald Rudd and Jean-Luc Childs.

CSZ – You and Boosie led the team onto the field every game. Boosie said it was a respect thing. What did leading the team onto the field mean to you since you were not a senior?

MBI feel like it was something that was just right – like Boosie said, it was a respect thing even though I wasn’t a senior or a captain, I was still a form of leader on the team.

CSZ – I know it’s a blessing to play for any team in the NFL, but do you have a team you grew up rooting for that you would love to play for at some point in your career?

MBI grew up watching the Redskins but I don’t have a favorite team now.

CSZ – I was standing in the tunnel after you walked off the field for the last time. You asked me for the pic I took of you walking up the tunnel. It was very obvious to me that the reality of this being your last game had hit you pretty hard. What was going through your mind at that moment? The emotions of it being your last game didn’t seem to bother your play in that game. Did it not hit you till after the game?

MBJust knowing that was my last game ever in Cardinal Stadium hit hard… the emotions didn’t hit until after the game and I was also happy with my performance in that game as well.

CSZ – What was it like blocking for Hawkins and Hall?

MBIt was great blocking for those two. It was always good times with them and they always gave the O-line credit.

CSZ – What was your favorite uniform combination that you wore at Louisville? I’m guessing Red chrome helmet, black jersey, red pants. Right?

MBMy favorite was either the all red or the Ali jerseys.

CSZ – You’ve seen the support Lamar and Jaire have received from Card fans since they left. You know pretty soon people all over Louisville will be dressing their kids in Big Ticket jerseys. Would you like to leave one last message to all of the Cardinal faithful that will be forever supporting you?

MB – I just want to say thank you Card nation for everything.  You guys have seen me grow from a boy to a man in three years and it has been all love all three years – can’t wait to come back. Love you guys!

Louisville vs Syracuse-39


As Always, GO CARDS!


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  1. We are really going to miss him this year. But best of luck to the fine man!! He deserves it.

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