Mekhi Becton Interview And Reaction

We at CSZ could not be more proud of Mekhi Becton. This young man is a great example of how hard work, determination and persistence can take you anywhere. We have all heard the stories of him getting to campus and being in awful shape. But it was this young mans personality and the things you could see that his parents instilled in him that would make the difference. He has always been good to the site also. Jeff would take pictures at the games and then pass them along to Mekhi. “Thank you sir” he would always reply and not just because Jeff is old. Couldn’t pass it up.

What we have put together here is a package with his reaction to being drafted, Words from Jets GM Joe Douglas, an interview he did right after he was picked and then a flashback to the exit interview he did with Jeff.  All kinds of goodies. We hope you all enjoy it and Thank you Mekhi for representing us well. 

Jets GM Joe Douglas Interview


JETS Press Conference with Mekhi


Exit Interview: Mekhi Becton by Jeff Nunn

Photo Reflection Gallery

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