Brotherly Competition Involving UofL Football’s Tutu Atwell

While most of us are preparing for some level of self quarantine, Chatarius ‘Tutu’ Atwell and his younger brother are enjoying the life of being young speedsters in the state of Florida. Now, we have all seen ‘Tutu’ run away from many defenses and defenders over the last two years rather easily and admired it.

Tutu, is a big play wide receiver and currently holds the school record for most receiving yards in a season. He also tied the school mark for receiving touchdowns in a year. Atwell was one of the best wide receivers in the country and was only a sophomore last year.

What if I told you that Tutu’s speed isn’t just limited to him, but that his younger brother possesses it as well. As seen in the video below, the two brothers are racing in the street. Tutu is on the right and his younger brother is on the left.

Tutu ended up beating his younger brother by about 3-4 steps before DeMarcus Fleming pulls up. Now, to most of us this just looks like friendly sibling rivalry and a case of “I’m faster than you,” “No, you’re not,” “Yeah, I am,” “Bet,” that lead to the video of the two racing in the street.

For a little clarification, DeMarcus Fleming ran the 100m in a time of 10.32. Folks, that’s roadrunner fast. Both Tutu and his brother have elite speed. If you look closely it also looks like older brother took it easy on little brother. I can’t wait for football season to get here and see Tutu continue to run away from college defenses again.

Here is hoping that we can get DeMarcus on campus for a visit in the near future. If football isn’t his thing, I’m sure the track and field coach would love to work and coach a kid that is blazing fast.

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