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We wanted to do a few posts this week to make things a little easier for all of you out there who are home with your families and need something to listen to. Also, those of you who need to unwind after getting home from your essential jobs.

Our next post is a compilation of the top 5 most listened to podcasts from this first season of the new CSZ Podcast. We have everyone froom Shidicus to Steve Rummage! We hope you enjoy!

Guests: Steve Rummage/Larry O’Bannon


Oranges Were Crushed And Heels Were Tarred
Guests: BSimm, Daryl Foust & KG


Around The Bases
Guests: Asaad Ali/Larry O’Bannon

UofL Gives Duke The Blues
Guest: Wes Brown

Guest: Dejuan Wheat

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