Donovan Mitchell Surprises A UofL Class With His Presence And His Signature Shoes

Donovan Mitchell is quickly becoming a star both on and off the court. Before the pandemic shut the world down, Donovan was leading his Utah Jazz towards the playoffs. Unfortunately, he and teammate Rudy Gobert contracted the Coronavirus that has caused all the chaos. Thankfully, Donovan has recovered and now he’s back to doing maybe what he does best off of the court…giving back to fans and making people feel special.

Donovan Mitchell recently  joined a virtual UofL class on event planning being taught by Professor Joey Wagner. Wagner is a fixture around UofL. Donovan did so to the surprise of the students. However, his joining the virtual class as a guest was not the only surprise he had in store.

Professor Wagner mentioned that Donovan had launched a new shoe. Donovan used this to segue into an announcement. Every student that was involved in the virtual class session was going to receive a pair of the Louisville colorway DON sneakers. Of course, the days of the students were made by getting to interact with Donovan Mitchell and the shoes were the icing on the cake.

Despite this worldwide pandemic sending our world into upheaval, Donovan Mitchell continues to find ways to bring positivity and joy to his fans. Donovan is a class act and will always be a Cardinal Forever.


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