A Rivalry Appears To Be Renewed Between Louisville And Cincinnati In Basketball

It appears that old Metro, Big East, and AAC Conference rivals Louisville and Cincinnati are set to renew their rivalry this season. It all started out with this interesting tweet from Louisville Head Coach Chris Mack.

Afterwards, Cincinnati Head Coach John Brannen quote tweeted Coach Mack’s tweet. The tweet advised that Louisville may be making the trip to the Queen City to face the Bearcats.

Coach Mack then quote tweeted a response to Coach Brannen with a playful Seinfeld gif asking, “You saying you wanna piece of me?” It definitely provided a nice laugh.

Coach Brannen responded with a quote tweet saying that a game is indeed happening on Friday, November 13th at Fifth Third Arena. He included a gif of Kramer with a goofy grin and giving a nodding approval.

Coach Mack would have the last word. He quote tweeted that Louisville will be there and that Card Nation travels. He included a gif of former President Barack Obama dropping the mic.

So, on November 13th, 2020, the Cards will battle their old foe the Bearcats in Cincy. Coach Mack will be facing a familiar foe from his time at Xavier. I highly doubt there will be as much vitriol, however, because Mick Cronin is no longer there. It seems like Coach Mack and Coach Brannen have a good rapport. I’m sure there will be a smidge of vitriol between the fans because it’s a rivalry and those die hard.

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