CSZ Podcast Bonus Episode 15: No Days Off!

Bonus Episode 15:

No Days Off!

On this bonus episode of the CSZ Podcast, brought to you by 4 Pegs Beer Lounge and Altitude Trampoline Park, we come to you live from the Custom Multicades Studios! Our guys Jeremy, Dalton, Sam, & Joey do a skeleton crew show as Higgy & Shawn can’t make it. We loved it!

The guys go over the day that was yesterday where we landed a commit, lost a commit, and the locker room of the guy who didn’t pick us which is full of generational talent. We also talk about who’s next to pop and who we want to see the staff bring in at QB (Its not Hendo season). We wrap up with a rapid fire segment where we talk about Corey Ray, the Mount Rushmore of Louisville Baseball, Ryan McMahon, Akoy Agau, and so much more! Check us out!

The CSZ Podcast is brought to you by 4 Pegs Beer Lounge, Altitude Trampoline Park of Louisville, and Custom Multicades! We are honored to announce that we have added Derby City Lawn and Landscaping and Fitness Market!


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