Louisville Football Press Conference: DC Cort Dennison

Co-Defensive Coordinator and Outside Linebackers Coach Cort Dennison held a teleconference on Monday. He discussed a myriad of topics from operating in a pandemic to the improvement of the defense so far this off-season.

In respect to the defense improving despite being unable to physically be on a field, Coach Dennison said that with the physical part of the game not being available the defense has been working on the mental aspects of the game. Another topic he addressed was the continuity of the staff and how that helps the defense. One quote in particular stuck out and sums up his thoughts on it: “Continuity equals consistency.” This is very true in regards to football.

Coach Dennison discussed many more topics in his 20 minute interview. Among them were Rodjay Burns’ growth and the difference between the OLBs this year and last year, helping players deal with the uncertainty of a global pandemic, and preparing for the possibility of playing only conference opponents.

To listen hear the full teleconference, click on the YouTube video below.

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