CSZ Podcast Celebrates Its One Year Anniversary

CSZ Podcast rose like the Undertaker from a coffin last year; back and better than ever. It began with a crossover episode with our esteemed colleagues from Big Red Louie and eventually became a weekly show featuring Jeremy, Sam, Joey, Higgy, and Shawn. Just 5 friends discussing UofL sports and having quite a few laughs. Then we added a new recruiting guru in Dalton Pence and man does he bring the info from the recruiting trail.

Guess what Card Nation? Season 2 is just around the corner. So, to get you all ready to enjoy our shenanigans, take a listen to all of Season 1’s podcasts below. We had quite a few special guests including Keith Kelsey, Luke “Fondue” Smith, Colin Lyman, Assad Ali (twice), Uncle Larry, and a coach on the staff of Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs (and Cardinal Forever) Sam Madison. Check them all out if you want to relive exciting moments from this past sports season or have a laugh at Shawn, Higgy, or Maryland’s expense.

CSZ PODCAST SEASON 1 (23 Episodes, 14 Bonus Episodes) 

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