CSZ Staff Season Predictions: Louisville Football

Louisville vs Virginia-37

Some of us were not sure we would be doing a staff season predictions this year (Dalton) but regardless, we are glad to be predicting. Bring on football season! Here are our predictions for the 2020 Louisville football season.

Jeremy Wahman

I’m gonna say that we go 11-2 including a 31-28 loss to Clemson in the ACC Title game. We beat ND but lose to Pitt. We set a ton of Offensive records this year and end the year in the Cotton Bowl vs Texas or the Orange Bowl vs Florida.

Jeff Nunn

I’m predicting Louisville has a 9-2 regular season. The losses come from Notre Dame and either Virginia Tech or at Boston College. Louisville will lead the ACC in rushing yards. Thanks to the Big 10 and the Pac 12, I don’t believe there will be any bowl games other than the college football playoff games. Therefore, I think Louisville just plays their 11 regular season games.


11-2 – Lose to ND & Clemson in Title game. The defense improves to top 50 in the nation. Micale leads the nation in passing efficiency. I can’t make projections on bowls till I see how they do buy ins this year

Cards Hive

10-3 – Wins against WKU, Pitt, GT, FSU, VT, UVA, Cuse, BC, WF. Losses against Miami and ND. ACC Title loss to Clemson and a bowl victory. Louisville boasts a top 20 offense and double their takeaways from last season.

Katie Goben

10-3 – We beat Florida State and Miami pretty handily but WKU and Wake Forest keep it closer than we feel comfortable. Notre Dame edges us out and so does Virginia Tech. We lose to Clemson in the ACC title game but we do make an NY6 bowl and bounce back from the title game loss.

Samuel Basden

I think Louisville goes Louisville gets out the gate on fire, winning their first 4 games. I believe the talent and depth of Notre Dame is still to much for Louisville this year. Louisville gets back to their winning ways as they beat up on FSU. Louisville squeaks out a victory over both Virginia Tech and UVA before trouncing Syracuse. The traditional Louisville clunker, I believe will come at BC. Louisville takes a loss to BC, before righting the ship on senior day vs Wake Forest. Louisville will finish the season 9-2 and will miss out on the ACC championship game.

Ben Gumbel 

8-3. Losses at Notre Dame Va Tech and at Pitt.

Mitch Motley

10-1 – Only loss to Notre Dame. Louisville makes it to ACC championship game and gets beat by Clemson, but then wins their bowl game (if the NCAA has bowls).

TJ Barr


Dalton Pence

9-2-  losses to Miami and VT

Shawn Barbour

9-2 with a loss to ND and one inexplicable loss like to Virginia. We always play subpar there. Hope that’s not the case this year and the clunker we all expect each season doesn’t happen.

Justin Krueger

8-3. The difference between 8-3 and 10-1 will be how Louisville’s OL and DL improve in year two. I’m expecting Micale Cunningham to take a huge leap in year two under Satterfield, which will take Louisville to the next level. It will be business as usual for Hawkins and Atwell, who will both have 1,000 yard seasons again. Look for breakout seasons from Yaya Diaby and Kei’Trel Clark


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