Gameday Prep: Virginia Tech

Here are the stories from this week at CSZ that will get you ready for when the Cards battle Virginia Tech Saturday at 4pm!


*Breaking news*

Louisville announced the following players are out today vs Virginia Tech:

DL Micah Bland

DL Ja’Darien Boykin

DL Malik Clark

DL Yaya Diaby

P Ryan Harwell

S Isaiah Hayes

DL Dayna Kinnaird

LB Monty Montgomery

DL Tabarius  Peterson


Va Tech announced that 10 players will be unavailable but not which 10

If you want to know all about the matchup between VT and our Cards, click the tweets below!

Want to know what time the Cards and Hokies will square off and where you can watch? Just check out the tweet below.

Higgy and Dalton were MIA, but that didn’t stop the gang from talking about the big win over FSU and the upcoming Halloween matchup with the Hokies.

Resident football guru JK gets you ready for the VTech matchup with EYNTK. If you want to see details about what VT’s and UofL’s strengths and weaknesses are and what each team may try to do to exploit the other, JK breaks it all down.

It’s the season of spook and the Cards announced that they will break out the all black unis for the Halloween matchup with the Hokies. Check out the awesome video and hype that was brought out for the uniforms here.

Want to see what Coach Satt had to say about both last week’s win over FSU and what the Cards are preparing to do vs VT? You can find out by watching Coach Satt’s game week presser below.

What did Coach Ledford, Bryan Brown, Ean Pfeifer, and Nick Okeke have to say about this week’s matchup vs VT? What did they have to say about the turnarounds we have seen both UofL’s offense and defense make? See for yourself by clicking the the story below to see the video.

See what VTech Head Coach Justin Fuente thinks about the Cards by listening to his presser below.

The staff picks the score and winner of this week’s matchup with Virginia Tech below. See how wrong Jeff is this week!

Want to catch up on last week’s Aftermath of the FSU game? Look no further as Shawn brings you the Aftermath!

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