CSZ Staff Predictions For Louisville vs Virginia Tech

Jeremy Wahman – 2420

Defense starts out shaky again but pulls it together as the Cards go on a 17-0 run to finish the game. Cards match the entire seasons total of int’s with 2 and it’s time for another Cardinal party….

Jeff Nunn – 42 24

The Louisville offense we all expected has finally showed up and I don’t see it slowing down this week. The Hokies are giving up 194.6 yards per game on the ground so I expect to see Hawkins go full Playstation mode. VT threw 3 int’s last week against Wake so I see the Cards getting at least one.

Cards Hive – 3124

Cards start off strong but let off the gas and let the Hokies back in it late. 130 yards and a TD for Hawkins. Tre Clark finally brings in an INT.

Shawn Barbour – 3828

Dalton Pence – 3534

Ben Gumbel – 2721

Mitch Motley – 3028

Sam Basden-

Didn’t make a prediction last week and Cards won so he abstains this week in hopes to help bring home the W. You can thank him on Twitter @baseboy124 on Halloween night after the Cards win. 


The staff consensus average is

UofL – 37  –  VT – 26

Las Vegas odds = VT-3.5  Over/under 67.5

CSZ staff odds = LOU -6.8  Over/Under 58.2

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