Cardinal Rewind: Louisville vs Syracuse (14-19)

From 2014 to 2019, Louisville and Syracuse have played every year. Louisville has the edge winning five and only losing the 2018 game at Syracuse. Over the six games Louisville has averaged scoring 44.3 points per game while surrendering and average of 24.8 ppg. Ironically, Louisville is a 19 point favorite in 2020.

While we only gave you the last six years, it’s only fair to say that since their first meeting in 1985, the Cards have faced the Orange 18 times. In those 18 games, Louisville has won 11 and lost 7. Of the 7 losses only 2 came at home – 1992 (9-15) and 2007 (35-38). Interestingly enough, In 1989, the Cards lost a game to Syracuse that was played in Tokyo, Japan.

My opinion is the most memorable game was the 2016 edition. It gave us the forever memory of the “Lamar Leap” as well as the Syracuse announcer saying “Are you kidding me with this guy? Lamar Jackson, you are ridiculous.”

Relive all of the game highlights from 2014-19 as well as full and condensed game footage games from 2014-2019 below.

2019 HIghlights

2019 Full Game

2018 Highlights

2018 Condensed Game

2017 Highlights

2017 Full Game

2016 Highlights

2016 Condensed Game

2015 Highlights

2015 Full Game

2014 Highlights

2014 Full Game


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