CSZ Staff Predictions For Louisville vs Boston College

Samuel Basden – 3524

Syracuse is a bad football team and Louisville did what good football teams do to bad teams, blow them out of the water. Boston College isn’t a bad team, they are playing much better under a new head coach. Coach Satterfield recently came out and said he wasn’t leaving, the fanbase is unsure about his commitment but what about the players? Will they show up because they believe him or will they tank because they don’t? That being said, I believe Louisville will win 35-24 and start to give CardNation a reason to look forward to the last game of the season and to next season.

Jeremy Wahman – 28 26

Turner last second field goal as time expires gives the Cards the win. Bc’s strength is passing but the Cards #1 passing defense in the ACC and #3 in opposition completion percentage in the ACC will be enough to do the trick. (thx jk)

Jeff Nunn – 28 – 24

Back in the beginning of August I released my game by game predictions and I wrote “Now this is the game that scares me. I’m putting the Cards on upset alert.”  A lot has changed since then but this game still worries me. ESPN’s win probability was 67.7% back in August – Today it’s 47.5%. Louisville opened as a 2 point favorite but quickly became a 1.5 point underdog. I can’t help think that the Satterfield to South Carolina talk (that was false), made bettors think Louisville was in disarray. I can tell you that is not the case. However, BC is playing some pretty good football and if the Cards win this one, it won’t be easy. Turnovers will be the difference and I think BC will will have the edge. (Louisville has turned it over three times in each of the last three games, and three times in six of the last eight games.)

Katie Goben – 31 – 24 

Shawn Barbour – 3431

Mitch Motley – 3020

Higgy – 2117 


The staff consensus average is

UofL – 27.5      BC – 25.7

Las Vegas Line = BC -1.5 

Over/under 55

CSZ staff odds =  Lou -1.5   Over/Under= 53

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