Scott Satterfield Press Conference: 12-7-20

Scott Satterfield held his weekly presser on Monday, but it was a little more unusual than the ones held before it. Instead of talking about player health or the matchup with Wake Forest, Coach Satterfield addressed a rather big elephant in the room: the fact he had what was termed a conversation with South Carolina about their opening for head coach.

Coach Satterfield opened the proceeding by explaining how the conversation with South Carolina came to fruition. He described listening to their pitch and deciding Louisville is still where he wants to be. He described his desire to continue building the program and making it the best in the country. He then apologized to the fan base for hurting them, explaining he understood the history of the job and that it was never his intention to hurt fans. He said he loves the fans and appreciates the relationships he has with President Neeli Bendapudi and AD Vince Tyra.

Here are some of the other topics discussed:

  • How the season has played out compared to last year and how close the team is to breaking through.
  • The recruiting class that is set to sign next week during the early signing period.
  • Mentions the matchup with Wake Forest and their excellent turnover margin.
  • The fact that it was really only the location of the South Carolina job that appealed enough to him for him to have the conversation.
  • Talking to his team after he spoke with South Carolina: Satterfield said he was up front with the team the whole time and spoke to them from the heart.
  • If another job opened up in the NC region, Satterfield implied he would listen, but that he would handle the situation differently. He did say that he is committed to making Louisville Football a top 5 team in the country year in and year out.
  • How he may handle interest in another job if the situation comes about again.
  • He describes how he can ask players to fully buy in and commit while coaches can be looking at other jobs. (This answer caused a lot of consternation)
  • His relationship with Vince Tyra and the zoom meeting he had with recruits and their reaction to the South Carolina news.
  • Which seniors may be back and which ones are definitely leaving (a rule for this season allows seniors to return and play next year due to pandemic)
  • Earning fan’s trust back by working hard.
  • The fact the Cards will not likely go to a bowl this year.
  • Asked about whether Vince Tyra knew about South Carolina conversation beforehand, Satterfield advised that he and Tyra have had many convos and that he will keep it between him and Tyra.
  • The health of the team heading into Wake Forest game.
  • The challenges of facing Wake Forest’s funky offense.

To hear all the details of what Coach Satterfield had to say, check out the full presser below:

Scott Satterfield Presser


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