FlyVille21 Position Breakdown: Linebackers

Louisville Football is a day out from the early signing day. The Cards are set to sign 22 recruits in the 2021 class, a class full of talent offensively and defensively. CSZ is going to be bringing you 3 position breakdowns today leading up to tomorrow’s signing day.

First, we bring you the linebackers that are a part of FlyVille21.

Jaraye Williams:


  • Rating: 4 Star
  • Position: OLB
  • Height: 6’3
  • Weight: 197lbs
  • High School: Kennedy Catholic
  • Hometown: Burien, WA
  • National Rank: #340 Player in ’21 Class
  • Position Rank: #25 OLB in ’21 Class
  • Considered: USC, Nebraska, Arziona State, Boise State, UNLV, and Washington State
  • Twitter: @jarayeee
  • Commitment Story: Louisville Football Picks Up Legacy Recruit In 4 Star WA OLB Jaraye Williams

CSZ Breakdown: Jaraye is an extremely long, fluid, and versatile athlete on the defensive side of the ball. Viewed as a LB/S hybrid, he has both the ability to fill in the gaps and stop the run and drop back in coverage and more than hold his own. Right now he’s a little underdeveloped physically but he has more than enough room in his frame to add a lot more mass and muscle. I think he fits best in our system either playing the Card or ILB due to his ability in coverage.

Louisville Comparison: After some digging I think the best comparison for Jaraye is Josh Harvey-Clemons. Standing at 6’5 230 ILBs, Harvey-Clemons was a freak hybrid safety for the Cardinals a few years ago and I think Jaraye can be the same type of playmaking athlete on defense that Harvey-Clemons was during his junior campaign. He may end up playing a different position but as far as the measruables and playmaking ability I think its a good comparison.

Jackson Hamilton:

Photo Courtesy of @Jackson_Ham1 Twitter Account

CSZ Breakdown: Watching Jackson Hamilton, it’s obvious he’s a tremendous athlete and a weapon at OLB. He’s not a specialist in that, he doesn’t just pass rush, just cover, or just stop the run. Nope. Hamilton does all three of those things and does them well. As a pass rusher, he uses his speed off the edge to beat blockers and get to the QB. As a run stopper, Hamilton reads, reacts, and tackles the ball carrier. He’s a very good tackler (stop me if you’ve heard that about the defensive recruits in this class) and can bring some big hits as well. When defending the pass, he can defend one-on-one or defend in a zone scheme. He’s a do-it-all type of LB.

Louisville Comparison: Keith Kelsey. Both are inside linebackers that can do it all. Kelsey could drop into zone coverage or take a RB or TE in man-to-man as Hamilton can. Both are explosive, good at reading and reacting to stop the run game of the opposition. Both have good sideline-to-sideline speed. Kelsey was a little bigger and stronger where Hamilton is a little faster. If he can play as well as Kelsey did in a Cardinal uniform, Louisville will have gotten themselves a good one. 

Jaylin Alderman:

Photo Courtesy of @jaylin_alderman
  • Rating: 3 Star
  • Position: ILB
  • Height: 6-foot-1 
  • Weight: 215 lbs
  • High School: Valdosta
  • Hometown: Valdosta, GA
  • National Rank: 1289th-best overall (247Sports Composite)
  • Position Rank: 57th
  • Twitter: @Jaylin_Alderman
  • Also Considered: Cincinnati, Coastal Carolina, Liberty, Southern Miss, etc.
  • CSZ Breakdown: Louisville Looks To Linebacking Corps With Latest Commit Jaylin Alderman
CSZ Breakdown: The name of the game for Alderman, is explosiveness; the inside linebacker possesses unique burst and speed that allows be to bust through opposing backfields and deliver violent hits. On top of that, Alderman has shown the ability to identify gaps and offensive plays, thus giving him the opportunity to make a good amount of plays.
Louisville Comparison: James Burgess
Like the former Cardinal standout, Alderman packs a punch in his tackle; he simply makes his presence felt, even if not particularly involved in the play. Similar playing styles could land the latter in the unique role that Burgess had: a physical sideline-to-sideline linebacker that very seldom misses tackles.

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