Nunnsense | Year In Review

2020 was a year we all want to put behind us and it made sports seem exactly what they really are for us fans – entertainment and a distraction from real life. But college athletics is truly a business and pandemic or not, the show must go on.

And so did the Nunnsense posts. Well, not as regularly as normal but they did continue. I can promise you 2021 will be better. It simply has to be. 2021 Nunnsense will start the year off with more Exit Interviews and the first two are definitely big time talents and fan favorites. Stay tuned…

So here is a look back at some of the most viewed Nunnsense posts of 2020 and I would like to thank each and every one of you for reading. I appreciate all of you.

One of my favorite things to do are the Exit Interviews. While I enjoy bringing you some final words, thoughts and memories from some of our favorite Cards, it’s tough to see them go. 

Here are some interviews with Mekhi Becton, Tyler Haycraft, G.G. Robinson, Amonte Caban, Blanton Creque, Mason King and Boosie Whitlow.

Nunnsense | Exit Interview Series Compilation – Louisville Football Parts 1-7

If I had a dollar for every time I was asked if there would be a college football season, I would have… Well, a lot of dollars.

Here are a few posts I wrote about that. 

Nunnsense | Will Rona Let Us Have Football in 2020?

Nunnsense | College Football Will Be Played

Nunnsense | How Will Covid-19 Football Look For Louisville?

After the year we have endured who wouldn’t want to relive some Music City Magic?

Nunnsense | Music City Magic Is Good For The Soul

My man @CardsHive and I attempted to give you some players we expected to breakout this season. I’ll say we weren’t too far off. 

Nunnsense | 5 Breakout Players for The 2020 Season

And finally, sometimes when I keep it real, some fans don’t want to hear it and they blast me on social media. I’m not sorry for being honest even if it hurts. 

Nunnsense | Are Louisville Fans Spoiled From Last Years Success?

As Always, Go Cards!

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