Cards Pick Up First Commitment Of 2022 – QB Khalib Johnson

Coach Scott Satterfield and company picked up the first commitment of 2022 with quarterback, Khalib Johnson. Khalib is a 6’2 and 200lb dual threat quarterback from Pinson, Alabama.

He is a 3-Star commitment ranked as the 600th-overall prospect and 11th-overall dual-threat QB in the country according to 247sports. He picked the Cardinals over South Florida, Virginia Tech, and Florida Atlantic. Johnson was also getting interest from Florida and Ole Miss. Khalib passed for over 2,400 yards, rushed for over 500 yards, and also accounted for 31 TD’s.

The University Daily Kansan

Here is @CSZCardHive’s Breakdown of Khalib:

Coach Pete Thomas has landed his first quarterback commit in 3-star dual-threat quarterback Khalib Johnson out of Pinson, Alabama! Standing at 6’2 and 200 lbs, Khalib has a solid size already compared to the other quarterbacks on the roster and has real arm talent to go with it. Do not let his dual-threat label fool you, although he can use his legs to extend drives and make plays, he seems much more comfortable and confident operating in the pocket.

The touch on his deep ball is very nice and more often than not, he puts 40-50 yard passes right on the numbers. His footwork is definitely advanced for a quarterback of his age and it helps his deep ball accuracy tremendously. He also doesn’t eyeball his receivers. He reads through his progressions and lets the defense make mistakes for him to capitalize on.

Now, when it comes to speed and athleticism, he might not be as fast as guys like Cunningham, McCaffery, or Lewis in the quarterback room, but he is very tough running the football and he is not one that goes down easy. If it’s 4th-and-goal on the one yard line, he’s the kind of player that is going to drag whoever he has to into the end zone for the score. Not only does Khalib a great talent with his arm, but he also has a very noticeable football IQ and competitive drive. I can’t wait to see it here in the Ville!

@Baseboy124 Breakdown of Khalib Johnson

The 6’2 205 lbs Alabama standout quarterback chose Louisville over Louisville’s former conference opponent USF and over Louisville’s current conference foe Virginia Tech. The composite 3 star QB is an excellent addition to the Louisville quarterback room. Khalib Johnson is a dual threat quarterback with excellent arm strength and very good speed when he decides to run.

Let’s be honest, fans love the deep ball. We love when a receiver run a go route or a post route and the quarterback can get him the ball without breaking the receiver’s stride. Khalib Johnson is that quarterback. Johnson throws a very very good deep ball. Johnson has great touch on deep routes. Whether he’s throwing it deep down the sidelines, just out of the reach of a defender or dropping a dime in between a corner and saftey while allowing his receiver to keep his stride in the middle of the field, Johnson puts it where it needs to be. You can count on Johnson putting the ball where only his receivers can catch it.

Louisville fans will love accuracy Johnson throws the ball with. In today’s game, with the speed of the defenses and the quick passing game, you want your quarterbacks to be able to make quick and precise decisions. With Johnson’s live arm, he quickly gets the ball out of his hands and to the receiver and routinely throws his recievers open. Johnson’s ability to get the ball quickly to receivers in space is important in Coach Satterfield’s offense. We’ve seen the damage our receivers can do when they get the ball on time, on target and in space. Johnson no doubt has the ability to get them the ball.

Moving defenders with their head and eyes is a trait that only a select few QBs come into college with, while others learn in college. Johnson, a high school junior already has that valuable trait. Of course, you have to be able to read and diagnose what the defense is doing before moving defenders out of throwing windows in zone coverages. Johnson also has a very good presence. The way he purposely slides up in the pocket when senses/feels pressure on the edges, or the way he can shift his hips to slide to either side when there is pressure in his face is definitely next level.

Enough about Johnson’s ability to spin the ball, after all he is a dual threat QB. When Johnson decides to run, there is no doubt about his speed. Johnson has a nice stride and shiftiness when he runs the ball. One thing I really love about Johnson’s running, is the fact that he has no problem with getting down or getting out of bounds and protecting himself and the ball. Got to love smart QBs, and Johnson is definitely a smart QB.

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