#Quick Hitt5r5

Wanted to get you right this morning by posting an impromptu edition of #Quick Hitt5r5 brought to you by All-American Pool & Supply. Let’s get started…

The thoughts and opinions of Jeremy are completely agreed upon by everyone at CSZ

Let’s begin….

  • First off I would kindly ask you to say a prayer for my wife’s Dad and the family. He is not feeling well again. He is a tough, stubborn son-of-a-gun. Love you buddy.
  • Also, thank you to everyone who showed love and supported @LvilleShawn and the Barbour family during their time of need. Angel was a special soul and will be missed by everyone who knew her.
  • The Little League coach that had those little kids doing head hunter drills should be fired immediately.
  • Dalton is excited to bring you some exclusives by the end of the month with several special guests from the world of UofL Football. Stay tuned!
  • Louisville Baseball has an important 3-game series vs UNC this weekend, followed by UC-Upstate, and finally followed by a 3-game series vs Miami to end the regular season. All of these teams are top 50 in the RPI with Miami at 22, USC-Upstate at 35, and UNC at 51. I said what I said.
  • The Baseball Cards are projected to be a 2-seed as of now in the Vandy region. Yes we just beat them. No, it may not bode well for the revenge game narrative. Time to be the Cards we thought you would be before the injuries.
  • Check out JK’s photo galleries on the website under the photo gallery tab. He, Nunn, and TJ have done amazing jobs…
  • We have some Football recruiting info dropping on the CSZ Podcast Sunday night. News on several recruits including Selah. Click on the main menu then hit the podcast tab then CSZ Podcast
  • Hearing some interesting names for the TBT. Can’t wait to share them with you. A lot of names that want to play. Stay Tuned….
  • Crypto is a heck of a ride. I do not recommend.
  • Jeff Greer had Marques Maybin on his podcast, Floyd Street’s Finest. You can catch that here. Personally, I loved the math, but don’t think you had enough Jeremy on there. You won’t change my mind or my iTunes rating.
  • Ate at the Old School NY Pizza place last night at Norton Commons with the wife and Steve. Love that area. Glad I have a few friends that live out that way.
  • Brandon Bender called me last night and told me that UofL would have to answer him when he came knocking at their door. I told him that I hope they answer and say…..sorry we didn’t order an Uber tonight. 👀 He does have a ton of talent at Evangel Christian.
  •  The Chris Mack Fantasy Camp is coming back this fall per the boss. I think there might be some familiar faces there.
  • Checked in with Carlik today and he said everything was going smoothly and to send Card Nation his love.

I am going to end this on a serious note. As most of you know our guy Higgy is getting married soon. Don’t worry Golden Corral, it’s not you, it’s him. Ok I lied about the serious part. Best of luck to Higgy and I would still love to know what he has on Meagan that he’s bribing her with.

All names used are twitter linked for your pleasure except Bender’s. I am sure he will read it anyways. Talk with you all later. Go Cards!


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