Live With CSZ: Episode 1 Preston Brown And Terrance Farley

Lights, camera, action! Live with CSZ made its inaugural debut tonight with host 55, personalities Sam and Higgy, as well as special guests, Cardinals Forever Terrance Farley and Preston Brown. The panel discussed the new Name Image Likeness laws by Governor Andy Brashear and the NCAA that will be going into effect on July 1st. During the episode, the panel was asked who would be the most profitable athlete based on this new law and what past Cardinals would have been equally as profitable over the last 25 years.

Our special guests were able to give us first-hand accounts of their time on Louisville’s campus and how this law would have benefited them in their day-to-day lives as well as set up current Louisville athletes for successful future careers. Lastly, give us a listen to hear Sam and 55 break down the latest in recruiting. Give us a watch today and subscribe before the next episode!

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