Nunnsense | Ranking The 2021 Football Schedule

It’s getting closer and closer to the start of the season. I’m not trying to rush summer away, but after the Covid plagued season of 2020 that had us guessing week to week who would be available to play or even if the other team had enough players to play, Im just a little excited for some football normalcy.

That said, I’m going to take a look at the 12-game 2021 football schedule and rank the games hardest to easiest. I’m not going to give you my predictions just yet. I’m still thoroughly going through every team on the schedule and around the first week of August, I will release my annual game-by-game predictions. There I will go into more detail about each opponent. For now, here is the 2021 schedule and what I think the order of difficulty will be.

 Nov. 6th vs Clemson

  • Still the gold standard in the ACC and national championship contender
  • Win probability 9.5% 

Sept. 6th vs Ole Miss (in ATL)

  • A preseason top 20 team with a high powered offense.
  • Win probability 36.8%

Oct. 30th @NC State

  • Never like playing there, especially around Halloween. 2nd-best team in the Atlantic.
  • Win probability 40.6%

Sept. 25th @Florida State

  • They are going to be good this year…. is what we hear every year.
  • Win probability 42%

Oct. 2nd @Wake Forest

  • Going to be a shootout. Last team to score, Wins!
  • Win probability 49%

Nov. 27th vs UK

  • Rivalry game – nuff said.
  • Win probability 57.6%

Sept. 17th vs UCF

  • Catching UCF before they figure it out?
  • Win probability 56.6%

Oct. 9th vs Virginia

  • I love playing them at home. NO turnovers = Victory… Probably.
  • Win probability 54.9%

Nov. 18th @ Duke

  • Thursday night roadie.
  • Win probability 66.7%

Oct. 23rd vs Boston College

  • Recently been a battle. I like the Cards at home coming off a bye week.
  • Win probability 67.6%

Nov. 13th vs Syracuse

  • Love this matchup, but this game has noon game written all over it.
  • Win probability 85%

Sept. 11th vs EKU

  • A very special date – should be a fun one at Cardinal Stadium.
  • Win probability 98.5%

* Win probabilities are according to ESPN’s football power index as of the date written.

As Always, GO CARDS!

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