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You guys know, I do Exit Interviews with willing players when they leave. Most of those interviews depend on reasons for leaving. I didn’t reach out to any of the players who transferred. I only touched base with the three early entrants into the NFL draft. Here are those three interviews.

That said we need to look at all the departures from last seasons roster and where they are headed.

There has been so much talk about the transfer portal and how many players from Louisville have entered. Some of you thinks it’s very concerning and is a direct reflection of the coach. I’m here to tell you that I disagree.

There have been 2,500 FBS players enter the transfer portal since August 2020. 1,600 have been scholarship players.

Are there a few guys who didn’t like it here because they were forced to be more disciplined that they would like as a college student athlete? Absolutely. Are there a few guys who didn’t like being recruited over? Yes. Are there a few guys who didn’t want to compete for playing time? Yes. Is this only happening at Louisville? Nope, it’s happening all over the country.

There are also some guys that didn’t come back and take advantage of the Covid rules that allow for an extra year. Most of those guys did so to enter the NFL draft.

If you notice from the list below, the majority of players that left Louisville and didn’t go to a better football program than Louisville. That speaks volumes about why they left.

But take note –  not all situations are the same.

There were 32 players who left the program from last seasons roster.

3 were for early entry to the NFL draft:

  • Dez Fitzpatrick
  • Tutu Atwell
  • Javian Hawkins

10 didn’t come back and take advantage of the Covid rules.

Several entered the NFL draft.


  • Rodjay Burns
  • Dorian Etheridge
  • Jared Goldwire
  • Marlon Character
  • Isaiah Hayes
  • PJ Blue


  • Robbie Bell
  • Cam DeGeorge
  • Ean Pfeifer
  • Roscoe Johnson


19 player transferred:

14 players have found a new school. The first two I could consider an upgrade. Johnson was more of a lateral move, at best. The rest that have found a place to play, went to a lesser program (in my opinion).

  • Christian Fitzpatrick – Michigan State
  • Marqui Lowery – Michigan State
  • Anthony Johnson – Virginia
  • Robert Hicks – UT-Martin
  • Jackson Gregory – Stonybrook
  • Russ Yeast – Kansas State
  • Tee Webb – Southern Miss
  • Jamel Starks – Houston
  • Telly Plummer – Chatanooga
  • Thurman Geathers – Arkansas State
  • Logan Lupo – Florida Atlantic
  • Tobias Little – Missouri State
  • Jawon Pass – Prarie View A&M
  • Corey Reed – Jackson State

5 Players have yet to find a school to play for next season. Or at least have not announced their intentions as of now.

  • Trenell Troutman
  • Lovie Jenkins
  • Zach Williamson
  • Nick Malito
  • Ryan Harwell

I’m not counting Quarterback Luke McCaffrey because he was here for about 37 seconds before he left to go play at Rice where he won’t have to compete for the starting spot. Plus he wasn’t on the 2020 roster.

As Always, GO CARDS!

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