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We are just two games into year three of the Satterfield era and it appears the Louisville fanbase is not happy with the direction of the football program. Or at least the fans that contribute on social media are not happy.

But my question is, what did you expect after the first two games this season? I predicted the Cards would be 1-1, which is exactly what they are. The Cards are still on the the path to a seven or eight win season… right? So why so mad?

Well, that’s the easy way to look at it in hopes all is well.

But unfortunately, despite the record being what most expected, it’s the manner in which they achieved that record that has the fan base not so optimistic about the rest of the season and ready to start a coaching search.

The product on the field is not as advertised.

I’m guilty of buying in to almost everything the coaches told us prior to the season. Part of that is my faith in the coaching staff and part of that is my desire to support a winning football team. Everyone wants the team they love to be successful … and I’m no different.

However, my faith is being tested. I am human after all. I was told that this offensive line could be the best coach B has ever coached. No disrespect but this isn’t the best O-line at Louisville in the past five years.

I was told that the Cards had a new Aussie style punter that would really help flip field position in the Cards favor. After two games the Cards are averaging right at 40 yards per punt which is exactly what they averaged last season.

I was told Yaya Diaby would be huge in the pass rush and getting into the backfield a lot. After two games he has exactly one tackle and zero sacks. Despite his slow start, I have faith he is the one player who will step it up and play at the level expected of him.

I was told the receivers would step up and fill the void of the two guys that were drafted in the NFL draft and the offense could be even better. Those two receivers accounted for over 75% of all receiver receptions from last season as well as 10 of the 13 touchdowns. I don’t know how an offense can be better after losing that much production ( not to mention losing Hawkins too) but I fell for it… again. Yes, I fell for it when Bobby said the offense could be better after Lamar left. I know I’m not the only one but I feel really dumb and I’m not to big to admit my mistakes.

My desire for the program to play at the level I feel they should be has me concerned with the product on the field and the direction of the program, but I’m not ready to start the “Fire Satterfield” chatter.

I said the day he was hired,

I’m giving him (Satterfield) this season with no expectations of wins but in year 2, I’ll need to see a bowl game and year 3 should yield 8-10 wins. Around 10 wins a year should be the norm for this program. If you are just happy with 6 wins on a yearly basis then I suggest you move east.


I still feel this way but I can’t accurately put a value on the impact a Covid season put on this team and staff. Yes, every team in the country had to deal with Covid but every team was impacted differently and every staff and school/support system handled it in different ways.

Since I can’t really place a value on year two due to Covid, I’m basically just drawing a line through the season.

But in the same breath, this IS year three and I’m not liking what I’ve seen so far.  I’m not ready to start looking for a new coach just yet but I have altered my level of results to retain coach Satt.

As of today, I feel if the Cards win five games, he has to go. If the Cards win six games, I’ll be fine with whatever the administration decides, unless they get destroyed in a bowl game.- then it’s time to start the search. If the Cards win seven regular season games, then I’m good giving him another year… but my yearly expectation is EIGHT wins (minimum).

I know some fans didn’t like the hire from day one as they felt a program like Louisville needed a proven well known name. Others were skeptical about hiring a mid major coach but were willing to give him a chance. Others will support him no matter what.

There is no wrong way to fan but just know that no matter how the next few games go, Satterfield will be the head coach until, at least, the end of this season.

Satterfield signed a six-year contract and according to his contract, Satterfield has a $5 million buyout through Dec. 31, 2020. If he does not leave, the buyout drops to $3.5 million if he terminates his contract after Dec. 31, 2020, but before Dec. 31, 2022. After Dec. 31, 2022, his buyout drops to $2 million.

Therefore, it wouldn’t make financial sense to relieve him of his duties before December 31st. Also, do you really think you will find a new coach better than him during the season? Not likely.

Here’s the deal. Somethings gotta change. I’m not going to tell you I know more about football or play calling than Satterfield or any of his staff but when I know what play is coming, then it’s highly likely the opposing coach knows too.

Some of you are saying there isn’t any talent on this team. That simply isn’t true. The last two recruiting classes were some of the highest rated in the programs history. The talent is there. Is it being developed like it should? I’m not sure.

Here’s my take. In year one, coach Satt said these guys just needed to be loved on. He was right. They 100% did. It’s not year one anymore. All these guys are getting plenty of love. Now they just need to be put in the right system to fit their abilities and put in position to make plays – and I don’t feel like that is happening.

Again, I’m not claiming I know more than coach Satterfield about football but it seems to me that he is running an offense that uses the run to set up the pass. Doesn’t it seem that way to you? I thought so. Since that doesn’t appear to be working, possibly because of predictability or offensive line problems, let’s try something different. How about let’s use the pass to set up the run. The Cards have some really good running backs on this team – let’s put them in position to succeed. And let’s get some W’s.

My hope is the Cards beat UCF and it’s the start of a winning streak. My hope is also that winning cures all this negative chatter around Card nation. But I’ve also hoped to hit the Powerball for a long long time. I don’t want to have to write anymore of these type of articles but as you know, I’ll tell you like it is for better or for worse.

Stay strong Card fam.

As Always, GO CARDS!


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