Photo Gallery: Louisville vs UCF

What a special night at Cardinal Stadium. I know I for one went in with very low expectations but plenty of hope. Sometimes it just works out. I saw a team who was ready to battle. This team never stopped fighting and was ultimately rewarded in the end. Despite all the negative chatter around town, this team, unexpectedly, came out for warmups full of energy and you could tell they were ready to fight. Most assumed they would just be down and go through the motions…. they didn’t. I’ve said all along this team has plenty of talent and they just need to be put in position to use those talents. I think we saw that last night and hopefully we will see more of this going forward. I know they didn’t knock off a top five team but they proved their worth and character last night in a spot they were expected to fail.

You gotta give Malik big time credit here. Despite not missing a snap, he wasn’t 100%. After his first rushing TD, he walked right past me wincing in pain and had a slight limp. Later in the game he was in the injury tent and Conley was warming up. I’m not saying he is currently hurt, I’m just telling you he gutted it out last night despite being beat on all game. He just never quit. And that’s exactly what I want in my leader.

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Here are the photos of a great night. Enjoy…

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