CSZ Staff Football Season Predictions

Jeremy Wahman


Well I have to stick with what I said on the podcast in December. 10 regular season wins. Malik is in NY for the Heisman ceremony.

Jeff Nunn


The key to Louisville’s season hinges on those 50/50 games. The games vs FSU, BC, Virginia, Pitt, Wake, and NC State are all winnable, but are also all potential L’s. The difference between 5-7 and 10-2 lies in these 50/50 games. I’ll split the difference and say 7-5….. maybe 8-4 with some luck.

Trevor Edwards


Losses to Clemson, NC State, Kentucky and FSU.



Evans has over 1000 yards rushing & Hudson has 1000 yards receiving. Malik gets invited to New York, but doesn’t win the Heisman. Ashton G leads us in sacks & defense makes big strides from last year!

Dalton Pence


I think the Cards start out 5-1, and split the final six games to reach the highest regular season win total in Scott Satterfield’s tenure.

Sam Basden


The Cards should and will pile up the wins in the first half of the season before hitting some tough sledding on the back half of the schedule. Coach Satterfield will have the Cards bowling again and should finish the season 8-5.

Justin Krueger

7-5 or 8-4

I literally can’t decide which one it is, but 7-8 wins is my guess. Louisville has to capitalize in the first half of the season, because the second half is going to be tough. Malik Cunningham likely won’t flirt with a 20/20 season again, but he should be in the mix for all-conference consideration. Tiyon Evans will likely flirt with a 1,000 yard season. My guess is he’ll get there. Louisville will need a big year from the defensive line to reach its ceiling (that being a nine or ten win season). Yasir Abdullah will get double-digit sacks again and be a consistent force for Louisville’s defense.

Wes Brown


I think this team will be surprising.

Shawn Barbour


Losses to UVA, BC, uk, and NC State.


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