CSZ Staff Predictions: Louisville vs Syracuse

CSZ staff

Jeremy Wahman

Louisville 41 – Syracuse 20

Cards 5 TD & 5 sacks. The Cards let out all of their frustrations out on Syracuse.

Jeff Nunn

Louisville  31 – Syracuse 27

This game will look nothing like last years game and will be closer than most would like. I look for Syracuse to try and control the clock with a steady dose of running the ball since they ranked 121st in the nation with 158 passing yards per game in 2021. Louisville will run left, run left and then run left. The total will likely be under 60 but Cards win a close one setting the tone for the season on how to finish out a game to secure the W.

Trevor Edwards

Louisville 56 – Syracuse 28

I see us hanging 50 on the ‘Cuse…lol  and some of their points come in garbage time. Their offense is bad other than their running back and our defense should be much improved.

Dalton Pence

Louisville 42 – Syracuse 21

Syracuse starts out strong but big second half propels Cardinals ahead.


Louisville 56 – Syracuse 14 

Malik starts lead the early heisman campaign.

Shawn Barbour

Louisville 45 – Syracuse 14

Malik runs for 2 TDs, passes for 2 TDs. Tiyon Evans has two TDs. Marshon Ford with a TD catch and Tyler Hudson with one.

Ben Gumbel

Louisville 38 – Syracuse 17

Malik Cunningham comes out hot and carries the Cards in a blowout victory to start the season.

Sam Basden

Louisville 45 – Syracuse 23

Justin Krueger

Louisville 41 – Syracuse 21

None of these games between Louisville and Syracuse have been close in the last decade plus. I expect this year to break that cycle. Syracuse v. Louisville will be close for a little bit, but Louisville’s OL should be able to dictate the pace. Louisville’s running game should help the Cardinals pull away in the second half.

The CSZ staff consensus average is

UofL  43.8 Syracuse 20.5

Las Vegas Line = Lou -4

Over/under = 57.5

CSZ staff predicted average odds = Lou -23  Over/Under= 64

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