CSZ Staff Predictions: Louisville vs Miami

Ones to watch

Jeremy Wahman

Louisville 30 – Miami 17

The Cardinals are 0-6-1 all time at Miami. From Devin Hesters punt return to QB injury to Kerry’s dropped int to seal the win to Satterfield, there have been many demons that have haunted the Cards.

They don’t play well on grass, haven’t played the best away from L&N, the players are all banged up. We’ve all the reasons we may fail. I’m gonna do the opposite.

This year’s Louisville team have one of the best ground games in our programs history.

The O-Line has dug in this year & is also amongst the top 10 we’ve ever had. The WR corp is one of the deepest we’ve had & is reminiscent of a Chris Redman led AFROS Corp.

We have a game manager at QB. You can’t teach that like you can throwing the ball.

But the biggest reason we are doing as well as we are this season is apparent. A smothering Defense. Sacks, TFL, pbu, qb hurries, int & the clutch gene. What more can you ask for?

Miami will also come into this game with a backup qb. That didn’t matter last week & may not this week either. Their fans won’t be a factor of the one proud program at noon. Probably not at any other time that day either.

When the smoke clears & the teams gather the result will be clear…. Miami 17 Cards 30

Go Cards! Time to make history!!!!!

Jeff Nunn

Louisville 23– Miami 20

I had this game as a loss when I did my preseason game by game predictions. I still though the Cards would drop this one on the road until last week. The Cards dug in and found a way to win last week. I think that toughened this team up and now gives them the mentality that there isn’t anything they can’t handle as long as they believe and always play hard. If the Cards had beat UVA by 40, I would say they drop this game. I know this might not make sense to you but in my head, it all adds up. Go Cards!


With the McRib back on the McDonalds menu for a limited time, Higgy is busy trying to set a Guinness World Record for most McRibs consumed in a single sitting. But I’m sure if his fingers weren’t too sauce covered he would have messaged me and picked the Cards by fitty!

Dalton Pence

Louisville 27 – Miami 24

These teams are fairly similar in playing style and statistical numbers. I look for the Cards’ defense to force some key turnovers, and Louisville records its first-ever win down in Coral Gables.

Sam Basden

Miami 27 – Louisville 24

It is almost as well documented as any stat has been this week, Louisville is 0-6-1 when playing the Miami Hurricanes in Miami. Here’s another stat, Miami is 6-4 since 2010 when coming off a loss to their rival FSU. Neither one of those odds are in the Cards favor, but Coach Brohm wasn’t at the helm either. Coming off an emotional loss to FSU and it being a noon game, I expect Miami to come out a little flat, but find their swagger back with enough time to squeeze by Louisville. Hurricanes win 27-24.

Brendan Holba

Louisville 38 – Miami 21

The Louisville defense will prove stingy on the road against a Hurricane team with an identity crisis at QB. Despite the road challenges this season the offense will be ready to go and Plummer will have his best game as a Cardinal!

The CSZ staff consensus average is

UofL  25 – Miami 22

Las Vegas Line = UofL -1

Over/under = 46.5

CSZ staff predicted average odds Lou – 3 Over/Under = 47

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  1. Not our first-ever win in Coral Gables. I sat through a wet Orange Bowl down there once upon a time.

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