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My UofL Fandom: Back in the UofL Groove


As you can tell by the title, I’m back! Back to doing my favorite thing on this Earth, writing about our beloved Louisville Cardinals. As you guys know, I usually write about the history of our sports programs and the like, but today, I’m going to tell you a bit of a story, the story of how became a fan of the greatest sports program on Earth, the Louisville Cardinals.

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Graphic of Louisville’s 22 First Round NBA Draft Picks

This is a pretty cool graphic that shows all 22 first round NBA draft picks in UofL history. We have only had one #1 pick and that was Pervis Ellison back in 1989. Three times, we have had two first round picks. 2009 was Terrence Williams and Earl Clark. 1994 was Clifford Rozier and Greg Minor. 1989 was Pervis Ellison and Kenny Payne. A lot of history and great players all on one picture here. As always, Go Cards!

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My All-Time Starting 5 of Pitino-coached UofL Players: Justin


Fans’ Starting 5

Jeremy’s Starting 5

Steve’s Starting 5

Daryl’s Starting 5

After thinking about it for a few days, I finally made my votes on the poll. I checked up on the results as the week went on, just to get a feel for how everyone else was voting. That clearly didn’t influence my picks as you will see. When the question was first thrown at me a few weeks ago in a group text chat by Chris Tingley, it immediately started a debate: Who would your starting 5 be at Louisville in the Rick Pitino era? Everyone has their favorite players that just can’t be replaced by anyone else, and everyone has their reasons why they may have chosen certain players. So here is my starting 5 with a few reasons…

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Who Is Your All-Time Starting 5 Of Rick Pitino Players at UofL: Jeremy


Fans’s Starting 5

Steve’s Starting 5

Daryl’s Starting 5

Justin’s Starting 5

I am gonna start this off by being honest. I went to UofL to finish my Bachelors degree from 05-06 and was around that basketball team 365 since I had so many friends on that team. I may be a little biased. I may not be. Who knows? Oh yeah, I do. Well here goes my top 5 UofL players of the Rick Pitino Era.

Yes that’s a Rick Pitino bobblehead I got in 05 looking over my signed Final Four ball. I truly believe it is bugged……Sorry coach

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Who is your starting 5 of Rick Pitino players at UofL?

Villanova v Louisville

My friend Chris Tingley posed this question to me a couple of weeks ago, and it is very interesting and fun to talk about. Of all the players that Rick Pitino has coached at the University of Louisville, who would be your starting 5? Now I will say that some players did play multiple positions, and after discussion, we decided to only have each player on 1 poll. So guys like Francisco Garcia, Larry O’Bannon, Ellis Myles, and Samardo Samuels had to be placed in only 1 category, even though we are well aware that those guys (and others) could be on different polls.

Please vote for each position. This will run until the end of the week on Thursday night, so that will give us time to get the word out all week and get as many people as possible to vote on this.

Siva closing in on career milestones


By Justin Renck:

When the Cards take the floor tonight at Seton Hall, Peyton Siva will be getting himself closer to a career milestone, as well as climbing up a career leaders list at UofL.

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