Who Is Your All-Time Starting 5 Of Rick Pitino Players at UofL: Jeremy


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I am gonna start this off by being honest. I went to UofL to finish my Bachelors degree from 05-06 and was around that basketball team 365 since I had so many friends on that team. I may be a little biased. I may not be. Who knows? Oh yeah, I do. Well here goes my top 5 UofL players of the Rick Pitino Era.

Yes that’s a Rick Pitino bobblehead I got in 05 looking over my signed Final Four ball. I truly believe it is bugged……Sorry coach

PG-Reece Gaines

Reece Gaines

I picked Reece for a number of reasons. He could shoot the three really well, could slash to the basket and was one of the first guys in a long time that could score when he wanted. Example:

Exactly. Plus he was really hard to defend. Dwayne Wade listed him as the best player he played against in college. Speaks volumes.


SG-Larry O’Bannon


Larry was a guy I am lucky enough to call a friend. Soft spoken, hard worker, and was very resilient. When it looked like he would not get a chance to step on the court, he made coach P put him on the court with his hard nose play and dedication. SR year Larry could consistently knock down the 3 and get the ball down to the big guys when they needed it.

Got an amazing chant

Was also a reporter in the making..


SF-Francisco Garcia


Francisco Garcia was the only guy on this list for me who was a no brainer. Great shooter, great scorer, great passer, and great human being. I had the most fun around Francisco because he was a funny guy. Now I know that’s not a reason to name him top 5, but his work on the court did that all on its own.

Who could forget Cisco’s dagger against Marquette? So many great plays I am not sure that mix tape catches them all. Plus he is a guy who legitimately cares for everyone he meets.

Just a great all around player and person. Nuff’ said


PF-Earl Clark

Earl Clark

Ah Yes, the dunk heard ’round the world. We will get to that. Earl Clark was a guy that I got to know real well too. Quiet and crazy off the court…loud and collective on the court. This guy was a great rebounder, scorer, and could D up guys when he wanted. He could also dunk…

and he loved to flex too for some reason….Oh Earl. lol. Had there not been back to back questionable travel calls in Elite 8, we go to the Final Four that year too. But alas, we don’t live in the past. we live in the present.

Yup…Dunk you very much Earl


C-Gorgui Deing


Take that Miami of Ohio! Although Gorgui looks like a natural at dunking in the picture above, he was known more for his defense. One of the best shot blockers in UofL history, Gorgui was not just a one dimensional player by careers end. Gorgui could pass the ball, shoot the 15 footer, hit the hook shot, take it to the hole, and flat out get after it on defense.

Just a great all around game. He was the guy closest to being a lock for me on this team. If Gorgui was my 1a, David Padgett was 1b. But Gorgui ultimately locked it up for me with great plays like those in that mix. Plus who didn’t like to hear Gorgui talk?


Well those are my 5 for the reasons I mentioned. Most of them were my friends but all were some of the greats in the Pitino era. I am also going to include a “bench” for the Pitino team as well:

PG-Edgar Sosa

PG-Peyton Siva

SG-Preston Knowles

SG-Russ Smith

SF-Terrence Williams

PF-Montrezl Harrell

C-David Padgett


That’s 12 guys for me. Got to have a little balance. I even left off some of the best too. Didn’t want to have too much firepower….Oh well.

Go Cards!

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