Rakeem Buckles will miss rest of this season, and possibly next season

Add another injury to the list for this year’s UofL basketball team. Already coming off of a torn ACL from last year in his left knee, Rakeem Buckles was trying to work himself back into basketball shape and being able to contribute to this team. That came to a halt on Monday at Marquette as Buckles tore the ACL in his right knee this time. He is out for the rest of this season, and some reports say that he will miss all of next season. That obviously remains to be seen of course, as some people heal faster than expected. Either way, this is a devastating blow to the Cards, and to Rakeem. Our thoughts and prayers go out to him, and we wish him a speedy recovery.

Here is a short clip from 2009 with he and Jerry Smith both slamming down a dunk!

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