Steve Rummage: Teddy Bridgewater “Louisville’s Lead Man”

Teddy Bridgewater “Louisville’s Lead Man”

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The University of Louisville fell just short last night in the Belk bowl to Nc State despite a few blown calls and missed opportunity, but for some reason Card Nation is not feeling down today. The reason for this sense of pride is the man who was wearing number 5 last night. That is right, Teddy Bridgewater. All season long Teddy has been spectacular, breaking Chris Redman’s freshman single season passing record with 2129 yards, dazzling us with his playmaking ability and loveable attitude. But last night was different, last night we watched a boy become a man. Bridgewater took some of the more punishing hits ive seen all season, to the point I had some texting me after the blow he took in the first half saying, “We are done now that he is out”. But hit after hit Teddy would come back to his feet and while he would wince in pain the determined look never left his eyes and we all got the feeling we were watching something special. Teddy has that “it” factor that you just cant teach. This is the same kid that a few short years ago was ready to give football up all together to take care of his mother who had come down with breast cancer. He just gets it and not just football, life in general. Teddy is a leader and one that Card Nation will rally behind, he is the conductor and after last night we are all on the train. Already he has earned Freshman All-American honors and I can promise you that will not be the last honor Bridgewater receives at Louisville. When Teddy committed to UL last year we all were excited, but none of us really understood what was coming our way. Teddy is the hope that was lost in the Kragthorpe era and while I take nothing away from Coach Strong Teddy is the foundation of the powerhouse Strong is building at The University of Louisville. So Teddy we all watched, we cheered, we yelled, and we criticized but now we all believe and are behind you 100%. Teddy Bridgewater is Louisville’s Lead Man.

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