Steve Rummage: No Shot

No Shot

Tomorrow The University of Louisville will roll into Rupp Arena to play the mighty Kentucky Wildcats. But im sorry Cards fans we have no shot and Uk fans can rest easy knowing that it’s just little ol UL they play tomorrow. I mean we have Uk friends that refuse to watch the game with us tomorrow, not sure why according to them and KSR its going to be a blow out. It’s just UL guys calm down just 12-1 #4 ranked UL. Lets be honest UL doesn’t ever leave Louisville anyways unless its to play and the very weak and un hostile environment of Hinkle Fieldhouse. UL only has wins over Long Beach St I mean who have they competed with this year. Ohio Bobcats let’s get real Ohio is only 11-1 and looks to go undefeated. And don’t even get me started on the hard-fought win over that bum sec school Vanderbilt. Look I know UL has had some guys miss games (Russ Smith, Stephen Van Trease, Elisha Justice, Mike Marra, Kevin Ware, Rak Buckles, Wayne Blackshear, and a few others) but how is that an excuse. Lets be real look at the starting lineups:

Siva vs Teague– No shot here an upperclassman that makes good decisions will be completely out matched by the freshman who shows bad decision-making more than not.

Smiths (Russ or Chris) vs Lamb– We all know the plan is to play no D and let Lamb shot open threes all day, once again thank goodness the smiths don’t play D

Kuric vs Gilchrist- this match up will be tough without a doubt but the one thing Kyle hasn’t done yet is go off against uk so if i was the mvp Kidd Gilchrist I would make sure i knew where Kyle was at all times

Behanan vs Jones- someone for sure needs to inform Chane that when jones screams he’s not in pain he does that all the time and this may be the one guy Jones doesn’t want to get into a flexing match with

Dieng vs Davis– no chance here either Dieng has had 5 straight double doubles and almost another on one of the toughest big men in college basketball while in foul trouble, so without a doubt Davis with his huge frame should push Dieng all around, Davis blocks a lot of shot to bad Dieng can’t do that SMH

Bench– Sorry cards fans i know we roll 9 to 10 deep but against Uk’s 6 they have the advantage……wait correction they count Bekham and Vargas ok 8

So UL fans don’t get to excited, go watch the game and be ready for the criticism that will follow but hey you never know right? 😉

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