Jeremy Wahman: CSZ turns 1 year old


By Jeremy Wahman:

Wow a year has passed by already. It seems like just the other day that me Justin and Steve wanted to start our own site and break away from site we were working with. What was a mere idea turned into the movement we affectionately call CSZ.

    In the last year we have come a long way. From starting out with the rivalry piece , to the Final Four, to season media passes to football, to sideline passes to the Sugar Bowl, we have grown a ton. That’s why we called it a movement I guess.
    I could not be more proud of my team either. We all bring different things to the table and we mesh well. We are running like a well oiled machine and that has me excited for the future. Truth is without Justin, Steve, and Paige, this isn’t possible.

    We have gotten a ton of love and mentoring from the local media also and we wanna say thanks. @HowieLindsey @UofLSheriff50 @CrumsRevenge @JonKYSportsco @raashaan @ULFlyingCard @CardChronicle @chipcosby @RobJones502 and @PerrinJohnson just to name a few…we wanna say Thanks. I also wanna thank you, the readers of CSZ for caring enough about us to click on our site and read what we have to say. Without you, we are just talking to ourselves. Lol. We really appreciate your support and hope we grow because of it.

    CSZ, which was once a dream, is now a reality and has been for a whole year now. I’m so proud. I hope that we are here for many years to come and stay as your place to check out all Cardinal Sports news. Much Love!


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