Pitino press conference notes 1/25/13


By Justin Renck:

Here are some key notes from Coach Pitino’s press conference on Friday afternoon. The Cards will hit the road and take on Georgetown Saturday at 12:00. The game will be shown on ESPN.

On upsets in college basketball: “You see some really strange things. It’s a surprise, and it’s not a surprise.

On Chane Behanan during the Villanova game: “They threw him the ball and he was trying to run before he caught it.” Pitino said that he was rushing because he did not want to get fouled. Behanan was 3-9 from the free throw line.

“We must take great shots…And we have to improve dramatically on defense.”

“Certain individuals have got to learn scouting reports on defense of the other team…You can’t play offense against everybody the same way.”

“We’ve got to become an awesome defensive team that takes high percentage shots.”

Pitino said that last year they were able to confuse teams with their defense. But said that this year “If we tried to confuse people, we’d confuse ourselves.”

Pitino said there could be a change in the starting lineup.

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