Update on Kevin Ware

Update on Kevin Ware

by Jeremy Wahman



The picture above is all you really need to know about this team and the way they feel about each other. The love,the heart, the sorrow…is what they all felt for Kevin when he went down with arguably the worst televised injury in history of sports. He had surgery last night to reattach his leg and will stay in Indy until Tomorrow. He will be in Atlanta with the team this week. Amazing!


Reports of Kevin up walking around this morning were found to be true as the picture above shows you. CardinalSportsZone.com is happy to share that Kevin will be ok and is in great spirits. I talked to him all day about how he was feeling,fake twitters and even the fact he feels like he should have blocked that shot still, here is just a snippet of our discussion, my dialogue in orange, Kevin’s in grey, i told him i was working hard to get the fakes of twitter…


This kid not once mentioned himself to me today, every word I said to him about his well-being was flipped back to team. I love this kid and I love this team. I have been fortunate to be around Cardinal Basketball closely the past 8 seasons, this group is one of the most loving and caring i have been around. For the record @_billionairebev is his twitter, @5kevinware ans others are not. do your part to help Kevin and myself get rid of the fake ones by blocking and reporting as spam. Some sicko also made up a twitter called @kevinsbrokeleg report it too as it is a disgrace to us as humans. In closing lets all pray that Kevin gets well soon and stays strong and focused

All Cards can be sent to Kevin at this address per Nick Stover

Comments to Kevin Ware: http://Facebook.com/gocards Send cards to: 2432 S. Floyd St., Louisville, KY 40209. #WinForWare

Go Cards! #Win4Ware


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