NBA Mock Draft updates: Gorgui in the lottery?

Gorgui Dieng

Here are some updated NBA Mock Drafts. One of them has Gorgui going as high as 12th! Another also has him going to the Bucks, which reminds me of watching the draft a few years ago with my cousin Conley. He is a UK fan, and was watching for Jodie Meeks, and he said “Please don’t get drafted to Milwaukee or Toronto. No one ever hears of players again when they go there!” That is a pretty accurate statement! Meeks did get drafted to Milwaukee that night, but of course he has now made his way to Los Angeles, so anything can happen.

This year’s NBA Draft is Thursday June 27.

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18. Atlanta Hawks (via Houston): Gorgui Dieng, Louisville, 6’11”, C

Atlanta needs to go big with one of its two picks here, and if Kelly Olynyk and Mason Plumlee are off the board, Gorgui Dieng would be a viable Plan B. Dieng impressed a lot of people during Louisville’s national championship run, scoring down low and in the mid-range while protecting the basket as the defensive anchor. Steven Adams would be another big man to consider here. He offers a high ceiling but a longer road to get there. Dieng is a safe, reliable option who would fill a need up front for Atlanta.

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15)Gorgui Dieng  C
23 years old; 6’11”; 245 lbs.
Louisville, Junior

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<strong>Indiana</strong> Indiana
Gorgui Dieng

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19. Gorgui Dieng, Louisville C 6-11 245

His size and mobility translate into a future as a shot blocker, with signs of a respectable offense. Being 23 years old is a drawback, with fewer years to develop than most picks.

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12 Oklahoma City Thunder Gorgui Dieng C 23 years old; 6’11”; 245 lbs. Louisville,

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20 Bulls Gorgui Dieng 6’10 245 C Jr Louisville

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