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When you think back to the best quarterbacks in UofL history, Brian Brohm is surely near the top of your list. He threw for 10,775 yards in his career, 2nd only to Chris Redman. His 30 touchdown passes in 2007 is the most in school history. In almost every major passing category in school history, you will find him in the top 3. He helped lead the Cards to their first BCS appearance and victory in the 2006 season when they went to the Orange Bowl and defeated Wake Forest.

Since his days at UofL, Brohm’s career has taken him to many different stops, from Green Bay to Buffalo to Las Vegas and so on. So where is Brian Brohm now? Who better to fill you in on that, than the man himself. In this post, Brohm tells you where he is playing, how different the style of play is, and he also gives his take on the upcoming season for the Cards. Enjoy!

“I am currently playing with the Hamilton Tiger Cats of the CFL. The CFL is really a quarterback driven league that depends heavily on the pass. I am getting used to playing with only 3 downs, 12 players, multiple men in motion, and a much larger field. 

The game is really fun to watch because there are no plays off. There are no fair catches, no throw away downs, and it’s hard to just kneel the ball down at the end of the game because of the clock rules. If you want to catch a game, they are on ESPN3, NBCSports Network, and a few are on ESPN2. Currently I am on the nine-game injured list, but I am looking forward to a healthy return for the second half of the season. Some other former Louisville players are in the CFL, too. Robert McCune and Trent Guy are on the Toronto Argonauts; Malik Jackson is on the Calgary Stampeders; and Woodny Turenne is on the Saskatchewan Roughriders. 

Brian Brohm


I, like every other Louisville fan, am really looking forward to this football season. I expect the year of the Cardinal to continue with a great year from the football team. Expectations are very high for this team, as they should be. I believe the biggest challenge they will face is going to come from within. Can they bring it every week, even when they are going to be favored and everyone is patting them on the back? This team needs to be driven from inside forces that don’t allow them to believe the hype. The target is going to be on their back and they must stay very focused.

I think Charlie Strong will be able to keep this team focused. It also helps that they have a level headed leader to look up to in Teddy Bridgewater. I look for Teddy to have huge year and for this to be a season that we all remember. If everything falls in to place, (and we are going to need a little help) this could be the best year of Cardinal football yet! However, we should all take it one game at a time.”

It was good to check in with Brian and we all hope he is back on the field soon. We will keep up with his progress and if you want to check out his team’s website and schedule, you can do that here.

I found this highlight video of Brohm and it is pretty interesting. It isn’t the usual highlight tape with hype music in the background. It is taken from the team’s video cameras, so it is more like you are watching game film than watching a TV broadcast. You see almost every play twice. And even though there is not music or commentating, you still get to see how great of a talent Brohm was here. The combination of Brian Brohm and Bobby Petrino was something special to watch!

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