CardNation Speaks: 2013 Opener (Part 2)

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I told you guys yesterday that one thing that I try to do with the members of CardNation is stay interactive. I follow everyone back on Twitter, answer every question and talk to everyone no matter what time of the day I get hit with a random DM on twitter. I feel like that’s important, and a part of what sets us apart from a majority of the other sites out there. I wanted to do a game week story about what you all were feeling about Sunday and what was your favorite gameday rituals or things to do. I DM’d several people that I converse with the most and asked for their input. I hope you guys enjoy reading what everyone thought. I will be releasing these every day this week so email me at if you want to be a part of it. Todays participants include Twitter favorites: @BricksDF, @CrumsRevenge from, @HollyGirl88, @C_Evans41 and last but not least @Lvilleshawn…enjoy!

P.S. We aren’t responsible for what Bricks says…lol


Bricks Pitino

As usual, Cards Gameday means 3 things. 1. Good Food 2. Better Liquor and 3rd and most important, ME TALKIN MY SH&$!! Lol. I’m really excited to see this year’s offensive unit and if it lives up to the expectations I have of it being the best in the country. I also wanna see the development of Teddy B as he chases a Heisman, and the 3 headed running back attack we have in the backfield. But I’m
most excited this year to actually have the attainable goal of winning a national championship in football.




I am most excited to see how we balance all of our offensive weapons. Can’t wait to see all the new faces in action to see how they stack up against the hype.

They thing I love about GameDay is listening Paul Rogers pre-game show. It extends the game experience to almost a half a day.




I simply cannot give you one favorite thing I love about Louisville football this Sunday. I love the Card March, the adrenaline rush when they step on the field, the chants, the blitz, the opportunity to entertain others inside & out of the stadium, and our Lady Birds. Louisville Football requires love. Love for the game and love of positive things that are happening. The fans make the experience the best. if anyone knows how to be patient with a program while it’s coming together, it’s us! To come into a season with such a positive outlook from all the other sports we took over, it’s a great feeling! If you see a stranger hugging and kissing everybody, don’t be alarmed. It’s just a very happy Louisville fan!



Casey Evans

Looking forward to tailgating with fellow students and then favorite parts would have to be the entrance then the game itself. This year I hope the cardmarch blows people away.



Shawn Barbour

This Sunday will be epic. There is, dare I say, more hype surrounding this team than in Krags first year. Howard Schnellenberger said the only variable is time when it comes to a title & the clock starts Sunday. There are only 13 ticks of the clock left I hope. The first thing I’m looking for Sunday is fan turnout. I want to see butts in seats! If fans believe in the team, don’t just say it, show it! The second thing I want to see is the defense stop the run. Last year, against teams like Temple & UConn, our defense was gashed. Yet, against Rutgers & the Gators, we shut it down. I want our defensive effort from our bowl game to carry over.

The third thing I want to see is special teams improvement. Better returns, kickoffs & punting.

Final thing I want to see is how OC Watson distributes the ball to all the offensive weapons. We have so many playmakers that he has to get touches. Our offense shouldn’t score less than 40 pts a game.

As for my favorite part of gameday, the camaraderie with other fans, the smells of the stadium, & the anticipation that fills the stadium just before kick off are just a few of my favorite things.


Well there’s the next four in the books, tune in tomorrow as others give their thoughts. Friday the members of CSZ will give their thoughts as well. Thanks for your support and Go Cards!

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  1. I must say I am very excited to see how well we can do this year. We must take care of business and show no mercy to have a “chance” at a “Big” Bowl game. I say anything less than a perfect season will be a disappointment. Very much looking forward to good food, good tailgating and Great football!! Go Cards!!

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