CardNation Speaks: 2013 Opener (Part 4)


So this week we have been doing a series called CardNation Speaks. I wanted to do a game week story about what you all were feeling about Sunday and what was your favorite gameday rituals or things to do. I have been telling you guys that one thing that I pride myself in is staying completely interactive with CardNation. I follow everyone back on Twitter, answer every question, and talk to everyone no matter what time of the day I get hit with a random DM on twitter. I feel like that’s important, and a part of what sets us apart from a majority of the other sites out there. I wanted to do a game week story about what you all were feeling about Sunday and what was your favorite gameday rituals or things to do. I DM’d several people that I converse with the most and asked for their input. I hope you guys enjoy reading what everyone thought. I will be releasing these every day this week so email me at if you want to be a part of it. Todays participants include: @kevinwatson73 @OutkastCard   @TWILL322 @ray_calhoun  @MooreOfKaitlyn & @WolfBitCardinal

Thanks CardNation & Enjoy

Go Cards!



I must say I am very excited to see how well we can do this year. We must take care of business and show no mercy to have a “chance” at a “Big” Bowl game. I say anything less than a perfect season will be a disappointment. Very much looking forward to good food, good tailgating and Great football!! Go Cards!!

@OutkastCard :

Erik Ransom

Game day is a special time for me.  Tailgating with family and friends, throwing around the football, or playing a game of cornhole.  Walking under the tunnel towards the stadium while the band plays the song.  Just the overall atmosphere of college football gets me excited and ready.  This season, I am going to pay particular attention to our line play.  If we can control the trenches against an experienced team like Ohio then I’ll feel comfortable.


@TWILL322 :


I can’t wait for Gameday because of 3 things: First and foremost, TAILGATE. Love hitting up Old PJCS and getting hyped for the game with other cardinal fans, good music, and good food. 2) THE ATMOSPHERE, nothing beats being at PJCS rain or shine and cheering on my CARDS! 3) CHAMPIONSHIP POSSIBILITIES, this season is special because of everything we can legitimately accomplish. A Heisman winner, A National Championship and National Respect. GO CARDS Bring on GAMEDAY!



Raymond R. Calhoun

Sunday will culminate all of our excitement that has been bottled up from our Sugar Bowl win. Expectations and excitement are very high.
Being a Card fan that has been displaced to a northern Atlanta suburb. Our (@chaycie56 & @MaichaelaRae98) yearly pilgrimage 2-3 times a yr has become a great family tradition.
We love all the pre-game festivities from tailgating to the Card March. Adrenaline flowing as players bust through the smoke and unite in the center of the field. The sights, sounds and smells all unique to college football.
Our favorite may be chanting C-A-R-D-S and finishing the statement “that’s good enough for another CARDS FIRST DOWN!” With 55k of our extended family.
Expectations high or no expectations at all. This is OUR Team, this is OUR city. Louisville first Cards forever!



Kaitlyn Moore

I’m incredibly excited for game day this Sunday! There is so much buzz and excitement going on for our football program (even here in Lexington! Haters gonna hate!) Our boys are highly ranked, in BCS talks, and Teddy’s in the Hei5man talks too, after that awesome Sugar Bowl performance against Florida. I can’t wait to see what the new class has to offer and see how some of the vets will step up into leadership roles.

My favorite game day traditions are different than your typical football fan, due to my involvement in the Red Rage marching band and then the Adidas Cardinal Pride Pep Band. I loved participating in Card March, cheering on the boys and seeing the fans (hope everyone shows up to that!!) Being involved in the pregame show and the halftime shows were always fun. The past couple seasons, the pep band has had a small band go out and walk around to all the tailgate areas and play the fight song, All Hail and other favorites, before going into the stadium and playing there. It’s so exciting to meet and see everyone cheering on the Cardinals and having a great time! Here’s to hoping for lots of CARDS! FIRST! DOWN!

My favorite things about gameday are the intro just before the team comes out of the tunnel, the band playing the fight song, the stadium going quiet for the national anthem, and the seconds just before kickoff when anything is possible. I love the atmosphere for games like UC last season or what I expect the RU game to be like this year. I love when Sean Moth says “…and that’s good for another…” before the fans reply “Cards first down!” I love being surrounded by 50,000 other Louisville fans and I love the new tradition of the team coming over to the student section at the end of a game and acknowledging the support they receive from their fellow students. I love every single moment of gameday but those are the standouts for me.
We want to thank everyone who took part in this series and who took the time to write out and send us their thoughts. Tomorrow we will bring you the conclusion of the series with thoughts from myself, Justin, Steve, Paige and our newest member, the incomparable Daryl on what this means to us.. Also Friday be on the lookout for what team CSZ thinks will be in the forecast for Teddy on gameday. You won’t want to miss it. Thank you again for your help and Go Cards!

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