55 (Episode 6)


This week…..on 55…..

We prepare for what is a very special week here at CSZ, our two year anniversary on Wednesday. We have went through highs and lows, team members and a little adversity. One thing that hasn’t changed is the core of this group and that we are awesome. We added rising star Daryl Foust in mid 2013 and expect a huge 2014 out of her. We have a lot of things to be proud of at CSZ and I’m proud we made it to 2014. I promise that we will continue to entertain you and that I will continue to write 55 until I have nothing left to say……..Sorry waiting for pigs to fly. Once again I share with you the 55 most ridiculous things I have heard, had to debate, or just thought about this past week.

P.S….Expect excellence

1) On Saturday students at FIU dressed in crew wear and shouted Teddy sucks before tipoff……

2) They know this is basketball…

3) and that Teddy doesn’t suck….

4) And that they are not Miami?

5) #littlebrothermuch?

6) prolly not…heres the photo though

7) fiu bb

8) yeah I don’t see Gilligan but I do see the Skipper

9) Card fans, I implore you to go check out our guy Lloyd Spence on @TalkinNoiz. The crew from CSZ are on every Thursday in our attempt to bring the NOIZ. Justin and Steve both represented for us last week. Steve will be on for the Monday, December 30th show to talk Russell Athletic and how the Basketball team fared in Lexington….Can’t wait….I hate that I immediately thought about Bart Scott

10) #StillBitter

11) Shoni Schimmel rose to the occasion on Saturday leading the way against No. 11 Colorado and wound up with a season-high 30 points, including 13 on 16 free throws, in No. 7 Louisville’s 69-62 win over the Buffaloes.

12) You guys, Coach Walz said we had something special here at the ‘Ville and I believe him

13) Well in totally unrelated news, Brian Griffin is not dead and gone……He came back faster than Kevin Ware…..not many do…respect

14) The University of Louisville football team will play at Notre Dame on Nov. 22, 2014, the Atlantic Coast Conference announced Friday morning. This means it will be the next to the last game of the season and it will be cold as balls…

15) Hey @RussellAthBowl since this is the last time we will speak before Saturday…one last pick-up line….

16) madea

17) That’s gotta work

18) Speaking of pick up lines, CardNation’s own @lvilleshawn is gonna be on the next season of the Bachelor

19) Ok not really but you girls should go holler at him, he needs a date bad so he will stop watching weird vines…Thanks

20) The first preseason national poll was released on Friday and the Louisville baseball team will open 2014 in the same position they ended the 2013 season as the Cardinals were ranked No. 8. Today 6 Cards were named to the AAC preseason all Conference team and the Cards were tabbed to win the AAC. Jeff Gardner was tabbed preseason player of the year.

21) Time to go to Omaha and bring back a title boys

22) The Lacrosse team picked up a huge signee this week when the Cardinals’ staff inked decorated New Jersey native Brittany Read.

23) The past few 5 weeks I have taken on a 2nd job for Christmas and I have had to depend on my teammates to cover for me, much love.

24) I have been working at Fanatics.com where we have been saving Christmas, one jersey at a time. I was blessed with great teammates there too. Leah, Tammy, Jugs (I swear that’s how she was introduced to me), Jessica, Dom, Mykhael (when she was there) Susie, Jen, Ashley and Mumbles. If I left anyone out then you probably sucked. Just Kidding, not really. So many characters there too. From Petty to Hopeless to the mobile voodoo queen, I have enjoyed it all. Thank you guys.

25) On that note I cannot wait to get out of there….ready for the green light….

26) On Thursday night 15 Football Cardinals earned their College degree including QB Teddy Bridgewater.

27) teddyg

28) FIU folks may think Teddy sucks but we think he is Legen……

29) Wait for it…

30) Teddy. LegenTeddy

31) You will be missed if you decide to leave

32) He gone

33) OK all jokes aside if Teddy and DP decide to stay they will own the record books here. Both are just a handful of games from being #1 in several career stat categories

34) Still not sure why FIU was chanting Teddy sucks at our basketball team

35) Also this past week Freshman Forward Akoy Agau was suspended indefinitely on Friday

36) Would never have seen that coming

37) This Saturday we have an awesome double header as we take on uk at 4 in Lex in Men’s Basketball then The U at 6:45 in Football in the Russell Athletic Bowl

38) I really Can’t wait…

39) bart

40) I really hate that you didn’t come to Pittsburgh….

41) I digress

42) The Women’s Basketball team will play their next game the day after CardinalMania vs SMU at home at 3p.m……

43) By the way, that’s what I am officially dubbing that Saturday, Patent-pending

44) There’s nothing pending

45) frowny

46) Going back to earlier, Super excited about the 2014 CSZ will have. Was looking forward to the new queen of CSZ, Daryl Foust, releasing her story this week about our bowl game. She did not disappoint..

47) Sorry Paige, we had to elect a new queen and I promise there was an election, sorta

48) Speaking of, much love to everyone who has been a part of the CSZ staff especially the Original ones…..pun intended.

49) Does anyone know what I’m supposed to get for the 2 year anniversary?

50) Louisville Junior RHP Nick Burdi was chosen on Wednesday as a Preseason First Team All-American by the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association. He was chosen today as a first team Louisville Slugger All-American.

51) Also, The 2013 CWS Jerseys are on sale and do include the patch. They can be purchased for $100 each by contacting Vicky Frank at 502-852-5791. Jersey colors available include the customary Louisville red and the popular white sleeveless.

52) cws

53) I fully expect for UL to go to Lexington and have a game similar to the one in 2009 where we waxed them out of the arena. I know the twins were coming, I know it’s next year, I know we are “little brother”, I know you guys won the recruiting title again. Sorry but I only get to talk trash against them one week a year. Too bad they don’t have more competitive sports across the board.

54) I am proud that I finally wrote a 55 without saying crap or duty……..CRAP…..So close………

55) Finally, I hope that everyone gets what they asked for on Christmas, except uk fans. In all seriousness though let’s not forget the true meaning of Christmas. All jokes aside, let’s appreciate, cherish and spend time with our families this holiday season. With no humor intended let’s wish for a happy Dec 28th. Oh yeah, my present to you……a camel that laughs like Peter Griffin that my brother shared with me. You’re welcome…….


P.S.- Just wanna give a special shout out to the guys who started together at a crappy site and dared to dream big and start their own. Thank you Justin and Steve…..

Go Cards!

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