Decision coming soon for UGA transfer Tray Matthews? Louisville or Auburn?

Photo: Jim Hipple - UGA Sports Communications
Photo: Jim Hipple – UGA Sports Communications

When former Georgia safety Tray Matthews was dismissed from the team a couple weeks ago, he tweeted that his next home would either be Louisville or Auburn. It looked really good that he would end up with the Cards with his former Bulldog teammates Josh Harvey-Clemons and Shaq Wiggins. A few days passed, and then there were reports that Alabama and Florida were even in the mix for Matthews. There hasn’t been too much more on those two, so we will bring it back around to Louisville and Auburn

I lived in Auburn for 4 years, from 2008-2012. I still keep in touch with friends down there. 99% of our conversations are about sports. If you have ever lived down that way, you know that Auburn football (or big-time SEC football) is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Everyone keeps up with football information, whether that be recruiting or just anything else with the team.

A good friend of mine that lives down there has been texting me the last few days and has been saying that it sounds like Tray Matthews is leaning towards Auburn. Most people that he knows around town and on message boards (for what those are worth) think that he ends up at Auburn. He told me that “since word broke that he (Matthews) was leaving, he has been at Auburn and tweeting with current players. I would definitely say that the ball is in Auburn’s court. Tray wants to go to Auburn at the moment but it isn’t known if Auburn will offer a scholarship.”

Also, there is talk that Matthews could announce where he is going within the next day or so. He visited Auburn sometime last week. He hasn’t visited Louisville. So if he does announce this soon, does that mean it has to be Auburn? Or if they don’t offer a scholarship, does he even need to visit Louisville? He will surely know a few teammates as well as Todd Grantham already. So maybe Auburn turns him away and he chooses Louisville without visiting. But the way this sounds, if they want him, he will be an Auburn Tiger. Either way, this should make for an interesting game to kickoff the 2015 season!

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