ESPN Contributor Makes FEARLESS Predictions

AP Photo/Garry Jones

AP Photo/Garry Jones


David Hale of was asked to make some fearless predictions this week. He came up with his top 10 for the ACC. To many outside of Louisville, Will Gardner will be a shock and an absolute treat to watch. His full story can be seen here. Here’s my fearless prediction for Will, 3500 yards passing. It would put him in 6th place all-time for a single season right behind my old teammate Chris Redman’s Sr campaign of 3,647. That’s about as fearless as I can get this season. It also may be due to the fact we are so close to football I can taste it and am being really generous. On that note Dom Brown will rush for 2000 yards and Lozo will have 21 sacks. OK…I have calmed down a little but I will stick with my Gardner prediction. Gardner will be magnificent this year. I Can’t wait to utter the words…The Gardner did it!

Go Cards!



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  1. With our running back I just don’t think Will is going to be throwing the ball enough to get those kind of yards.

  2. great point but he has 14 games if we make acc title game so it would only be 250 a game plus the rb’s can eat.

  3. Most of the country thinks that Petrino’s offense is throw it all the time but we know it’s not.
    That’s what makes it so amazing and shows how great a coach he is.

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    you for providing this information.

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