Bobby Petrino Updates Status of Will Gardner and L.J. Scott

Photo: Tim Haag/
Photo: Tim Haag/

At his weekly press conference, head coach Bobby Petrino updated the status of quarterback Will Gardner. Petrino says that Gardner is very sore and there is swelling. He is meeting with the doctors today. Right now he says he is day to day and they should have more answers possibly tomorrow. But other than that, he doesn’t know too much more than they knew on Saturday.

He said the medical staff didn’t treat it like a very serious injury during the game. They didn’t think it seemed to be the same injury as before, which was his ACL.

For L.J. Scott, Petrino says that x-rays were negative on his ankle and he does not think that Scott has a high ankle sprain.

Also with DeVante Parker, Petrino says he is right on track with his recovery.

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