Could Louisville vs Notre Dame get College Gameday in South Bend??

Louisville football will travel to South Bend on November 22 to take on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. This game is one CardNation has had circled since it was announced a little over a year ago (which shows by the 400 dollar South Bend hotels). Why you ask? Well:

1. Rudy

2. Touchdown Jesus

3. At approximately 4 hours, it is a fairly easy trip

4. And last but not least, we just flat out do not like them (see last 7 years of basketball)

With all that being said, November 22nd is sure to be an incredible atmosphere and there is only one thing that could make it even better……..College Gameday!

As it stands right now, outside of this game, the College Football landscape looks quite bland that weekend. The other top 25 games that week are as follows:

Vanderbilt at No. 1 Mississippi State
TBA Boston College at No. 2 Florida State
TBA Samford at No. 3 Auburn
TBA No. 4 Ole Miss at Arkansas
TBA Colorado at No. 5 Oregon
TBA Western Carolina at No. 6 Alabama
TBA Rutgers at No. 8 Michigan State
TBA Charleston Southern at No. 11 Georgia
TBA No. 12 Arizona at No. 17 Utah
TBA Oklahoma State at No. 13 Baylor
TBA Washington State at No. 14 Arizona State
TBA Minnesota at No. 15 Nebraska
TBA Indiana at No. 16 Ohio State
TBA Kansas at No. 18 Oklahoma 2,035 available from $36
TBA Georgia State at No. 21 Clemson 1,448 available from $13
TBA USC at No. 22 UCLA 3,084 available from $129
TBA Tulane at No. 23 East Carolina

Possible contenders: Arizona at Utah – Let’s be real, Utah will lose again this week to Oregon so the chances of this game being attractive in 3 weeks is slim to none.

USC vs UCLA – Great rivalry and all, but USC has been meaningless since Pete Carroll left and UCLA has been the disappointment of the season.

SO that brings us back to Louisville vs Notre Dame – ND will likely take care of #14 ASU this week and Northwestern next which will put them somewhere in the #5-#8 range, looking at a playoff birth come November 22nd. The Cards, who came in at #25 in the first playoff poll, will be back in (if they fall out at all after losing to FSU last Thursday) after beating BC this Saturday night setting up a top 25 match up in South Bend.

Now of course there is always the NBC factor. We all know College Gameday is an ESPN show and ESPN is not affiliated with NBC but that hasn’t stopped Fowler and the boys from heading to South Bend in the past (See top picture). Most recently, College Gameday was there October 13, 2008 when #17 Stanford came into town. Notre Dame won that game 20-13 in OT.

Louisville fans are foaming at the mouth for a College Gameday experience, considering the show refuses to come here. So make it happen for us fellas @CollegeGameDay @DesmondHoward @KirkHerbstreit  @cbfowler. I am not sure there is anything that could make CardNation happier than seeing Lee Corso (former Louisville coach) put on the Cardinal head in South Bend.

Make sure you send your request to Lee Fitting the College Gameday Producer @leefitting and lets #BringGamedayToLouisvillevsNotreDame!

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